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If you have a private property, holiday home, investment property or any kind of commercial property for sale in Ireland, Dublin, Cork, Spain, France, Orlando, Lanzarote or anywhere in the world and you wish to sell it, you can advertise your property for sale on our site.

Our property for sale advertisement service will help you sell your property faster and without the expensive help of estate agents. The majority of the visitors to our web site seeking to buy a property for sale come from Ireland, England, Scotland, Wales, USA, France and Spain.

When you list your property with us, you get a very large webpage to display all your property for sale details, descriptions, location, selling price and of course photographs of your apartment, villa, house or holiday home.

When it comes to selling a property, the old saying “a photo speaks a thousand words” is right on the money. The more photographs of your property you display in your advert, the more enquires you will generate from potential buyers. Try use good quality photographs showing the exterior and interior of your property for sale.

You should give as much information and details about your property and the surrounding areas as you can. Buyers will want to know as much as possible about the local area every bit as much as they will want to know about the property. You should also give details about potential rental income your property could generate. This will help any potential buyer in their mortgage application to their bank. If the potential property buyer can demonstrate to their bank that the holiday property will sustain the mortgage repayments throughout the year, the bank will be more like to approve their mortgage application to buy your property for sale.

We are currently offering a greatly reduced rate to advertise your property in our sales category. Please view our advertisement rates page for details of our latest special offer.

If you would like to view current listings of Spanish, Frence, Irish, Italian, Turkish, Tenerife, Lanzarote and worlwide, please visit our
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