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Free Property Website Service - Free Hosting & A Free .com Domain Name

Advertise your holiday home on for 12 months at our normal standard €150.00 plus VAT rate and as part of your new 12 month subscription, we will include a fully functional, purpose built holiday home website with a free .com domain name (not a sub-domain) and free hosting. We have not increased our normal 12 month standard advertising rate in order to bring you this AMAZING free website offer. It is still only €150.00 + VAT to list your holiday home on one of Ireland's top holiday rentals website.

We have teamed up with to bring you this fantastic offer of a free, purpose built, holiday home website, which has everything you need to successfully showcase and promote your property. Below you can read fully details of all the features and functions the free property website. If you prefer, you can buy this website directly from (without a .com domain and also without hosting) it would cost you €3,000.00 plus VAT but believe it or not, if you list your holiday home with us for 12 months, you will get this complete property website included in your 12 month subscription. You not only get the website included, but you also get a free .com domain name, which is a real domain name and NOT sub-domain. You also get free hosting included as well in this incredible offer.

This free website is a purposed built property website specifically built for single holiday home owners or managers. The site comes with it’s own Content Management System (CMS), which makes it super easy to manage every area of your new website, including the design and appearance. You can set your own colour scheme by selecting background colours for various areas of the site. You can easily create your own unique design, upload your own logo or simply us text as your site logo if you do not have your own logo image.

You can also change the text style, size and colour for all text areas. To really personalise you’re new website, you can upload an image of you’re holiday home and use that as the background of the site. If you do not want to use an image as the site background, then you can just apply a background colour with just two clicks of you’re mouse. Everything within the CMS was built and designed to make it super easy and quick for holiday home owners to manage and change every area of the site. You can change the whole look and feel of you’re new website with just a few clicks of a mouse. This system really is simple to use.

You may already have a website so you might ask yourself, why would I want to change it? Well, if you read the On-page Search Engine Optimisation (SEO) chapter below, we would be pretty confident that you’re current website does not utilise on-page SEO. We would also be pretty confident that there are many other areas of you’re current website that are not properly coded or work as they should. We will give you some examples of serious, but common, mistakes that most websites make. These mistake are penalised by Google and seriously damage the rankings of your website.

First Example: At the very top of your computer screen is the address bar of your browser. In this address bar, type the address of  you're current site with the www part at the start and hit the enter key on your keyboard. Now look at the address bar again, does your website address appear with the www part? Now the second part of this test, type you're current website address into the address bar, but this time “without” the www part, and hit the enter key on your keyboard and look at the address bar again. Does your website address appear without the www part? If you answered yes to both of these questions, then you have a problem with you’re current website. A website should only show for either with the www or without the www and NOT both. If your website shows for both, then you have two exact versions of every page on your site, which is VERY bad for ranking and SEO.

Second Example: Open you're current website and click on the site logo and/or the Home link of you’re current website and then look at the address bar of your browser. Which of these do you see, or ? If you see the address with the index at the end of it, then you have a major problem with you’re website. Why? Because you have two homepages that are exactly the same and like the first example, this is VERY bad for ranking and SEO.

These are the two most common mistakes web developers make and their clients, you, don’t realise just how bad a job the web developer has done. Other mistakes that most web developers make are, not implementing H tags, no  META page title or META description, no ALT text for images, bad URL structure and no content management system (CMS) for the site owner to manage their own site. These are all VERY important on-page elements and have to be implemented into every site. If a website is not using them, then the person or company who built the site should STOP building sites because they do not understand “basic” on-page search engine optimisation. Coming back to the, no content management system (CMS) mistake. The reason a lot of web developers build a site without a CMS because every time a site owner wants to make a change to their website, they have to get the web developer to do it and web developer fees are very high.

The website we will provide to you as part of your yearly subscription to, does not make any of these on-page errors and comes with a comprehensive Content Manage System (CMS) that is extremely easy to use and understand. The site you get is properly coded and is a purpose built holiday home website and includes all on-page SEO elements plus we show you how to use them so you cannot fail.

On-page Search Engine Optimisation
Over 90% of all websites are missing several very important on-page search engine optimisation elements and is the main reason why sites missing these items do not rank well. You most likely will not be aware of what these are but Google looks to these on-page elements to determine what a web page is about. Our website CMS shows you what these on-page items are, explains in a non-technical way why each one is important and gives you examples on how to enter them. You may be thinking that this sounds very technical and that you will not be able to understand it but believe us when we say, you WILL. Put it like this, if you know what the main keywords and/or search terms you would like your website to rank highly for, then you are 90% there already. If you are unsure what keywords to target, we will help you identify them. Once you know your keywords, all you have to do is put them into short, but descriptive sentences in various areas of each page on you’re new website. We even show you where to put these short descriptive sentences so all you have to do is type into the relevant box and then click the save button.

We have set out a description of all the different facilities, functions and benefits you will receive with this new free website. It is a long read so perhaps you should get yourself a cup of tea, coffee or a glass of wine. If you are serious about having a professionally built property website that is coded properly and provides you with all the op-page SEO elements every site simply MUST have if it is to rank highly, then you really should read all of the following. It WILL make a difference to improving bookings in your holiday home.

Choose From Six Different Styles:
Template 1 | Template 2 | Template 3 | Template 4 | Template 5 | Template 6

We currently have six different template styles to choose from. Each template has all the same functionalities and features, they are just different in layout. Obviously these test versions will look a lot better with your real property details and images in them together with your own logo etc. You can very quickly and easily customise every area of the site and apply your own style and design with just a few clicks of your mouse.

You can pick the layout you like best and then apply your own style, images, text and design to it very easily and very quickly. Initially it will take approximately one hour to apply your own unique design, style, colour scheme and property details and photos. Page1SEO as well as ourselves will provide you with full support to help you with any issues you may have. The system is really easy to understand and once you familiarise yourself with it, you will be amazed just how easy it is to manage every area of your site from changing and updating the design to selecting what text style and colour you use in different areas. It really is a very easy system to understand and you will save yourself a fortune on web design and web developer fees.

The free single property website included in your yearly subscription has all the following features and functions.

Content Management System (CMS)
The CMS was specifically created so that ordinary holiday home owners with no web development experience or knowledge could easily and quickly update, manage and change every area of their website without the need for an expensive web designer or web developer.

Websites usually have a complete design change every few years to keep it fresh and modern. This process is expensive because you need a web designer and web developer to carry out design changes. However, with our CMS, you can change the entire look, design and feel of your new website with just a few clicks of your mouse. You will never need to pay a web designer or developer again because you can easily and very quickly make as many changes to the design of your website as often as you want.
Photo Gallery Page
You can upload up to 24 photos into the photo gallery and enter a description for each photo. You can change your photos as often as you like. A very important on-page search engine optimisation element is ALT text. Practically every website neglects these very important on-page SEO elements but our CMS makes it so easy for you to enter them and you have to do is type a four to ten word description of each photo into a blank ALT text box and click save. The ALT text is saved to the source code of your site so Google and other search engines can see it. This will add to the ranking factors of your site.
An Availability Calendar Page
Easily manage your availability with an availability calendar module that is linked to your rental rates module. By linking these two modules together potential renters can select the dates they want to rent and the system will automatically calculate and display the total rental cost to them. This is a particularly impressive function to have as there are very few, if any, property websites that are privately owned and managed that have this function. In fact, the vast majority of the big holiday rental websites do not have this function. Having this function in your new website will impress potential renters as it displays a very high level of professionalism and immediately builds confidence.
Rental Rates Page
You can select Euro, UK Pound or US Dollar as your rental rates currency. Your rental rates will be automatically calculated into the other two currencies so your rates are displayed in all three currencies. You have the option to select several different rate basis. For example, you can enter rental rates on a per property per week or day basis, or on a per person per week or day basis. You can also enter weekend rates and also apply a minimum rental period for all the different rates you enter. You can also enter rental rate notes or conditions and these are displayed directly below your rates table. A really cool feature is your rental rates are linked to your availability calendar so when someone checks the availability of certain dates, the system will automatically give them the total cost of the dates they have selected.

Another cool function is that if you have set a minimum rental period and a renter attempts to select a duration less than the minimum rental period you have set, the system displays a message to the renter advising them of what the minimum rental period is. This is another function that will impress your site users.

You can change the colour scheme of the rental rates table to match the colour scheme of your website. You can also change the style, colour and size of the text that appears in your rental rates table.
Monthly Rental Rates
If you offer discounted rates for monthly lets or winter lets, you can display monthly rental rates for each month of the year in a separate table that is displayed along side your standard rates table. You can also enter specific terms that apply just to your monthly rates.

You can also change the colour scheme of the monthly rates table.
A Professional Standard Accommodation Voucher With Email To Guest Function
Providing guests with an accommodation voucher with full details of their booking, arrival & departure dates and times, check-in / out procedure, complaints procedure, local contact details etc is very important. We have over 12 years experience in the holiday lettings business and we have used this experience to create a professional accommodation voucher and implemented this into your new website.

You can email the accommodation voucher to your guests very easily directly from your CMS without having to log into your own email account. All you have to do is fill in the blank boxes with the relevant details, enter your guests email address and the system will email the voucher to your guest. Your email address will show to your guest as the sending (From) email address.

There is also no need to keep re-enter all the standard details of your accommodation voucher because once you fill in the voucher once, all the information is saved in the voucher so for the next guest, all you have to do is enter their name, the dates of their stay and their email address. All the other details will already be saved so there is no need to keep re-entering this information over and over again. The accommodation voucher module also emails you a copy of every voucher you email to your guests so you can keep a copy for your records.
Google Map Page
Your website has a separate Google map page that places a marker on the map of where your property is located based on longitude and latitude details you enter. If you do not know these details, don't worry because you can also enter the local postal address of your property and the system will automatically place the map marker in the correct location on the Google map.

You can very easily optimised this page for your target keywords so it will rank better in Google. You can enter text that includes your keywords that displays when someone places their mouse over the map marker. This text is contained in the source code of the page so it really helps to improve rankings.
Google Keyword Research Tool
If Google could tell you exactly what keywords people are searching for to find your property, would you want to know? Of course you would and that is exactly what the Google keyword tool does. It tells you what keywords potential renters are using on Google to find your property and it is these keywords that you need to target. Knowing how to use this tool is vital so inside your CMS we have put together an easy to understand guide with step-by-step instructions on how to understand and use the Google Keyword tool so you can find the "right" keywords to target.
On-page Search Engine Optimisation
Did you know that over 90% of websites use little or no on-page optimisation and of those that do, most use it badly, which is a major reason why these sites rank very badly or do not rank at all. You most likely will not know what these on-page SEO elements are but they are so, so important to the successful ranking of every website. If they are not implemented into a website or are not used properly, a website has little or no chance of ranking on Google.

Our specially built Content Management System (CMS) not only implements all these on-page SEO elements into EVERY page of our free website, but it also provides you with very easy to understand explanations of what each element is, why it is important and provides you with examples on how to enter them. Our CMS makes it so easy for you to implement these on-page SEO elements, it is next to impossible for you to get them wrong.

You may very well already have a website for your property but we would, with a high level of certainty, say that you're current website has not implemented on-page search engine optimisation properly or is missing more than one on-page SEO element. Does you're website have META page titles and META descriptions? Does you're website use H tags? Does it use ALT text? Is the HTML code of you're current website optimised? Does you're current website use search engine friendly URL's? These are just some of the on-page SEO elements which forma a vital part to the success of every website. Our CMS (site management system) seamlessly implements all on-page SEO elements which will ensure the free website you get with your yearly subscription will rank in Google.
A Comprehensive Guest Reviews With Star Rating Module & Owner's Reply Function
Guest reviews are very important to every holiday rentals website. Our free holiday home website comes with its own comprehensive guest reviews module. Guests can submit a review directly from the site and the system displays a thank you page (which you can edit) after they submit a review. You can then approve, decline and/or edit the review. You can also type your own reply to each review, which demonstrates that you appreciate reviews and you act in a professional manner.
A Last Minute Deals System
Every holiday home owner at some stage during the year will have last minute dates they would like to rent out at a specially reduced rate rather than let them pass without generating any revenue. Our website has a last minute special offers system that enables you to highlight any last minute special offers you want to fill.

All you need do to highlight a last minute offer on your site is type the details of the offer into a blank text box inside the CMS and click the save button. The offer will instantly appear on the last minute page of your website.

You can also very easily optimise the last minute offers page for the keywords you want it to rank on Google for.
A Booking Terms & Conditions Page
The amount of private holiday home owners we come across who do not have any booking terms and conditions is frightening. Some owners do have some kind of booking terms but these are usually a rehashed version of package holiday terms and conditions, which are NOT suitable for private holiday lettings.

Perhaps you already have some terms and conditions but are they specifically written for private holiday lets? Do they set out what the responsibilities of you and your guests are? Do they set out in clear terms the procedures to follow in the event of certain situations that might potentially arise from the moment you accept a booking to when a guest completes their stay? Are you even aware of the type of behaviour some unscrupulous renters get up to in order to create a problem or situation for the sole purpose of making a claim against the holiday home owner so they can get some or all of their money back after they complete their stay? Do you know how to prevent or minimise this type of bad behaviour?

We have over 12 years experience in the holiday rentals business and from 2000 to 2006 we provided a rental agents service for hundreds of private holiday home owners. These years highlighted to us the terrible behaviour of some renters who simply manufacture problems just so they can get their money back. Unless you have a good set of booking terms and conditions specifically written for private holiday lets, you are leaving yourself open to be taken advantage of by unscrupulous renters.

Because we know this is a big problem for holiday home owners, we felt it was essential that we provided you with a copy of the professional booking terms and conditions that we used as a rental agent that we had specifically written for short term private holiday lettings.

You will obviously need to make some adjustments to these booking terms and conditions to suit you're specific needs and also to ensure they conform to the holiday lettings and consumer laws of your country but they will provide you with extremely important conditions to protect you, your property and your guests. Please note that these booking terms and conditions are provided to you purely for information and guideline purposes only and if you decide to use them, in part or in full, you do so on the strict basis that you will not hold owners, employees or agents responsible in any way whatsoever for, but not limited to, any loss, claims or damage of any kind. In short, if you use all or part of these terms and conditions, you are 100% responsible for any consequences, good or bad.
Anti Spam Functions
Spam is a major problem for every website that has any kind of online form to fill in and submit. Spammers and fraudsters use automated software to crawl the internet searching for online forms and when one is found, the URL of that form is stored so it can keep going back to it everyday. The automated software fills in the form with all kinds of rubbish and then submits the form, which ends up in your inbox and you have to spend a lot of valuable time deleting these spam email enquires.

To prevent your free website from being targeted by spammers and automated spam systems, we have created an extremely easy to use, but very effective anti spam module. This anti spam module enables you to instantly block any person who sends you a false or spam enquiry from sending you any further enquires and it also prevents them from using your website again.
A Frequently Asked Questions Page (FAQ's)
Knowing and understanding the type of questions potential renters might want answers to before they decide to rent a property is a great way for you to build trust and confidence in a renter before they take the step of making contact with you by telephone or by sending you an online enquiry.

It is also a great way for you to outline your procedures and demonstrate to potential renters what a comprehensive and professional operation you run. One of the best ways to do this is by having a good FAQ's page. Our free website comes with a FAQ's page and you can use this page to draw potential renters to you and influence their decision to rent your property. The FAQ's page is also very useful for improving your website's rankings because you can provide good, unique relevant content that Google will love.
A Contact Us Enquiry Form With Anti Spam Function
Every website needs a Contact Us / booking enquiry form in order for potential renters to send you a booking enquiry. The form should perform the basic task of collecting the "right" information and not just name, contact number, email address and a message.

You also need to know the arrival and departure dates the renter is interested in booking, plus how many adults and children are in their group. You also want the form to provide some very helpful information to a renter such as the rental cost of the dates they are interested.

The booking enquiry form on our free website offers all this and more. For example, it recognises if someone tries to send you a booking enquiry with more people in their rental party than your stated maximum number of people your property can sleep or if they select a duration that is less than your stated minimum stay. It also automatically logs and displays the country the person is physically located in at the time they send you the enquiry and includes this information in the enquiry details submitted to you. It also has an anti spam function to help prevent spam. Another important feature of the enquiry form is that the email address the enquiry form is sent to, i.e. your email address, is NOT in the source code of the enquiry form.
An Owners Profile Page
Having an owners profile page allows you to demonstrate a personal touch, which potential renters love. They want to see and know the person they will be potentially renting a property from and sending money too. This is why we have included an owners profile page in our free website.

You can provide details about yourself and any other information you feel relevant. You can also upload a photograph of yourself. The owners profile page is also another opportunity for you to write useful, unique content that includes your keywords which will help improve the overall ranking of your free website on Google. Remember, the more unique content you have on your free website that includes your keywords in a natural way, the more Google will like your site which will lead to higher rankings.
An Auto Generated Site Map Page
A sitemap allows visitors to see all the pages on a website so they can quickly find a particular page they are searching for. It also helps Google find all the pages on a site, although it does not guarantee that Google will index every page on a site. Our free website comes with an automated site map page that lists every page within the site automatically. You do not have to do anything to generate this page, it is all done automatically by the Content Management System (CMS).
Facebook, Twitter and Google+1 Social Media Functions
If you have a Facebook and/or Twitter page, you can enter the URL of these pages into your new website very easily inside the CMS and the relevant icon will automatically appear on your free site. The Google +1 icon will automatically appear on your site without any action on your part.

Social media is a great way of driving a lot of visitors to a website so if you do not already have a Facebook or Twitter page, then you should create a page on both of these sites and start getting more visitors to your new website.

The Google +1 function is an extremely important function to help improve Google rankings. Google now uses this as a very important ranking factor. The more people who +1 your website, the more importance Google will place on your website and if you have optimised your website properly in the way we show you, Google will rank your website very highly for the keywords you target.
YouTube Video
If you have a YouTube video of your property, you can enter the YouTube URL of your video into the video area of the CMS, click the save button and your video will be automatically inserted into your website instantly.
Free Hosting
Every website, big or small, has to be hosted on a server that is connected to the internet and unless you are a big organisation with a huge budget and professional staff to manage the servers, you will need a hosting company to host your website.

Hosting costs vary but for a property website such as the one we will provide to you free of charge with your yearly subscription, you could expect to pay between €300.00 to €400.00 a year in hosting fees.

However, as part of your subscription, we will host your new website totally free of charge. That's right, we will also give you free hosting for your new free holiday home website. Don't worry, you will not have to do anything as our expert web developers will set everything up for you on our servers.
Google Analytics
Google analytics provides site owners with a huge amount of data about their website and how it is performing. It tells you how many visitors your website receives, what keywords visitors used to find your website, what country visitors come from and much, much more.

Our free holiday home website makes it so easy to insert the Google analytics code into your website. You just copy and paste the Google analytics code into a blank text box inside the CMS and click the save button. The code will be placed in the correct area on every page of your free website so it will start sending data to your Google analytics account for you to view.

If you do not know how to set up Google Analytics, we will do this for you.
Print Page Function
Many site visitors like to print the web page they are viewing. Our free website has this function so your visitors can print any page by simply clicking on the Print Page link.

Bookmark Page Function
Our website comes with a Bookmark facility so visitors to your site can bookmark any page with just a click of their mouse.
Send Page To A Friend Function
Another very useful facility for any website is to allow site visitors to easily and quickly email a link directly to your website with a personal message. Our free website has this function.

We know this has been a very long read but we hope you have found it worthwhile and interesting. We want to provide every holiday home owner with their own purpose built holiday home website that is properly coded to ensure higher and better rankings on Google.

Even if you already have a website for your property, you can still avail of this incredible offer so you will have two separate websites and see which one ranks and performs better. We would safely predict that our free website will out rank your current site within a few months because of the features we have included and because of the way we have built and coded our website.

We will also provide you with all the support you will need going forward with your new website. We can assure you that once you start using our free holiday home website system, you will not look back.

We will also be building a version that includes real-time online booking with payment through PayPal. If this is a feature you would like to have please let us know.

You get all the above included in your yearly subscription. We think you will agree, this is without any doubt, the BEST deal ever offered by any holiday rentals company.

So how much does it cost to list your property on for 12 months?
We have maintained our normal standard 12 month advertising cost of only €150.00 Euro plus VAT at 23%, which works out at €184.50 or €3.55 per week. Remember, a complete, purpose built single holiday home website with and a .com domain name plus hosting of your new free website is also included in your yearly 12 month subscription.

To avail of this offer you must have an advertisers account with us. If you do not have an account, you can register a new account here. Once you register an account, just create and order a new listing for your property and when your order is processed, we will contact you to finalise what domain name you would like. When you agree the domain name, we will do the rest and contact you when your new website is live.
Skype Free Call Function
The quickest and best way to secure a booking is to speak to a potential renter at the exact time they want to rent your property. The best way to get a potential renter to call you is to offer them a free call facility no matter where in the world they live. That is why we have implemented the Skype facility into our free holiday home website system, which enables people to make free Skype to Skype calls from anywhere in the world.
Multiple Videos Page
The best way to showcase your property is by video. We recognise this and also the fact that many holiday home owners have more than one video of their property so we have included a videos page so that you can display up to eight videos VERY easily.