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some faculties will require a longer proposal — contact the faculty for further advice. main elements or structurea typical research proposal should contain most or all of the features given below. further information on applications and english language requirements and support services for international students is available on the university's future students website. qualifications for entry in the doctor of philosophy and other professional doctorates are the attainment of the following:master of research degree; ormaster of philosophy degree; orbachelor (honours class 1) degree; orbachelor (honours class 2) degree; orqualifications from a university or other tertiary institution deemed to be equivalent to the requirements as set out above. of philosophy (phd) and professional doctoratesadmission criteriato approve your application into a research higher degree, the university must be satisfied that you are able to commence independent study at a doctoral level.

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graduates of the university of sydney need not attach an academic transcript of their local enrolmenta research proposal of approximately 1000 words (applicants should consult the postgraduate coordinator in the appropriate department to confirm any department-specific requirements for proposals)all other requested documentsproof of australian citizenship or permanent residency status, i. cover pagethis essential section identifies:your research area via a tentative or proposed titleyour name, contact details, and qualificationsthe institutional or university name, as well as the specific departmentsupervisor’s and co-supervisor’s namesthe degree level being attempted. specialised conferences in your area so that you can observe where contemporary research is focused and learn from the experts in your field. to topadapted from royce, t 2009, writing a research proposal, elssa centre, uts. to applylocal students (including australian citizens, permanent residents and new zealand citizens) may apply for admission into higher research degrees at any time using the online application form.

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summarise, the research proposal should demonstrate or suggest to the faculty assessors that:you are engaging in genuine and worthwhile enquiry, that there is a need for the research, that it is significant and important, and that it contributes something original to the field you are working inyou are aware of the breadth and depth of the major schools of thought relevant to your proposed area of workyou are able to justify and establish a particular theoretical orientation, and develop a methodological approachthere is enough funding or available equipment to be able to collect the datathe topic aligns with your interests and capabilities, and there are supervisors available who are open to working with youyou can complete the research in the expected time periodthe uts ethics committee has considered the relevant issues and approval has been given. and aimsthis section should:state unambiguously and concisely the purpose of the research (and situating it in the broader context)outline the aims and key research questions (make sure that you relate the aims to the purpose above and to the research questions which follow on from this). of the research – a statement that illustrates why the research question or hypothesis is worth asking. design (or methodological approach)the purpose of this is to describe your research plans and approach by:indicating the rationale and theoretical source for your choice of research approachdescribing your rationale for the selection of participants, methods of data collection and analysis, and the steps you will take to ensure that ethical practices are followedsuggesting the limits, restrictions or boundaries of your researchproviding a timetable or research action plan which explains each of the tasks to be carried out and the anticipated times for completion (the format of this should be clear and concise). check the logic, spell out the research methods to be used.

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and context of projectthis section should explain the background and context of the proposed research work with an indication of the main contribution to knowledge which you wish to make. that the research plan you are submitting is not inflexible, and that it will probably change in focus and perhaps substance as you develop your ideas and progress through the necessary stages of conducting the research. introduction should:follow a general-to-specific writing patternstart by providing background information that orientates the reader to the research’s general socio-political, historical, scientific, and educational contexts (whichever is most relevant)perhaps include a theoretical, personal, or policy-based motivation for the research as a starting pointattempt to persuade, inform or indicate to the reader of the need for the research. reviewthe purpose of a literature review is to:demonstrate to your readers that you have read enough to show that you are aware of who the most significant writers or researchers are in your area of researchspecify which issues or concepts you will concentrate on in your review (this may well change as you read more widely and deeply)show that you can exercise critical judgement in selecting which issues to focus on and which to ignoreshow that you can take a critical approach to your area of researchargue for the validity of your area of research in terms of its need to address a ‘gap’establish the theoretical orientation you are planning to take. students may apply for admission into higher research degrees at any time using the online application form.

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/expected outcomesthis section should provide:the anticipated outcomesa series of paragraphs predicting the significance of the research. proposalyou are asked to submit a research proposal with your application. dates & deadlinesenrolmentstudent administrationpoliciesscholarships and financial assistanceacademic honestybe connectedundergraduate studypostgraduate courseworkpostgraduate researchcredit and rpl informationcontact us. to content if you have problems accessing content on the western sydney university website, please contact the western sydney university contact service centre on 1300 897 669. advice and assistance on proposals is available from the university of sydney's learning centre which also produced the guide to writing a thesis proposal.

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are relevant documents that are best not seen in the main proposal text (because they affect readability). humanities research grouphumanitarian and development research initiative (hadri)molecular medicine research groupnanoscale organisation and dynamics research group. are asked to write a research proposal in order to help you focus and define what it is you want to do (your research plan). and objectivesyou should spell out three or four aims/objectives for your research to show what you want to achieve. it is recommended that you discuss the requirements of your research proposal with your faculty and potential supervisor prior to submission.

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the faculty directory categorises staff under eight major research specialties (and more than 40 sub-specialties). reviewthis section is a review of the literature which should outline the most important research that has already been carried out in your research area. through the implications of your research question by considering the existing materials and ideas on which it is based. for educational researchcentre for health researchcentre for infrastructure engineeringcentre for research in mathematicsnational institute of complementary medicinewriting and society research centre. the proposal should be discussed with an academic advisor to ensure that your project is viable and that western sydney university has the resources to support your research topic.

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of philosophy – education or social workdoctor of educationdoctor of social workmaster of philosophy – education or social workmaster of education (research)constructing a research proposal. if you are unable to commence in the semester indicated in the letter of offer, you must reapply for admission for a different semester/year on the official university application form. of key terms – precise definitions of the key terms in the research question/s or hypotheses, enabling unequivocal observation, measurement and identification throughout the study. indicate why this area is an important area for research. be considered for registration for a research degree, prospective candidates must submit a proposal that outlines their intended research.

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your research question into two sentences: write it down, with pride, above your working area. questions or hypotheses – clearly focused research questions/hypotheses that are worth asking and capable of being answered. of sydney / faculty of arts and social sciences / future students / how to apply / postgraduate research. range of scholarships are available to provide assistance for students undertaking higher degree research. studydiploma of language studiespostgraduate courseworkexecutive master of arts and social sciencespostgraduate researchfeesscholarships and financial assistanceartss career-readyfass abroadhow to applyimportant dates & deadlines.

considerations – consideration of ethical issues involved in carrying out the research such as whether informed consent needs to be obtained and, if so, how this will be done. proposals should be presented under headings that provide the title and summary of the study as well as addressing each of the points listed below. if you are applying for a research degree in arts and social sciences, engineering, law or science, please go to the links below for faculty specific information:arts and social sciences – how to apply for postgraduate researchbusiness - how to apply law - how to applyscience – how to complete a project planhow to write a research proposalthere is no set format or length for a research proposal although it should cover the main headings listed below and be at least two pages in length.. arc funded scholarship), you are not required to submit a research proposal but you should identify this on your application. of prior experience or qualifications for all higher research degrees is at the discretion of the school or institute dean or director.

-china institute for arts and culturehawkesbury institute for the environmentingham instituteinstitute for culture and societynational institute of complementary medicinethe marcs institutetranslational health research institute. for the research – a proposed timetable is extremely important because it gives an indication as to the feasibility of the proposal. background literature – a section outlining key research that has already been carried out in the particular area. required for the research – a proposed budget for the research (if appropriate) should be included under this heading, which is important because it gives an indication of how realistic the proposal may be in terms of financial requirements and whether the research might need to be adapted. of the study – a clearly focused statement of the overall purpose of the proposed research.

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applications are now available for all postgraduate research degrees in the faculty of arts and social sciences.. birth certificate or passport (local applicants only)references from at least two academics who are familiar with your studies and are qualified to comment on your previous academic achievements and your capacity to undertake a research degree. methodology – an appropriate choice of research approach for the particular questions or problems under investigation, including a well-defined list of procedures to be followed in carrying out the research, as well as the method of data collection and analysis, and, if appropriate: a broad description of any particular theoretical framework to be used in the analysis and the reasons for its selection in the study; a brief statement describing how the study population will be selected for the study and the reason for the approach to selection, and; a pilot study in which the research instruments are trialled and evaluated and an analysis is carried out of the trial data. level 2 links for:Researcher portalresearcher developmentfunding opportunitiespreparing a grant applicationethics approvalmanaging your research projectresearch formsfor supervisorsresearch publication collectiondvc research and developmentcentralised research facilitiesredi contactsresearch theme champions. a supervisorall research candidates have a panel of at least two supervisors, one of whom is designated as the principal supervisor.

section is a list of all the references that have been referred to in the proposal. applications are now available for all postgraduate research degrees in the faculty of arts and social sciences by searching for your course on the university’s ‘find a course’ website, then click on the ‘apply now’ icon to proceed with your application. of projectthis should be a clear description of your proposed research project. the department in your faculty asks you to do this so they can get an indication of your research direction, and to demonstrate the level of discipline that you will need to employ for the research task (basically, to see how you might perform as a researcher, and to see if you have the requisite basic skills to start the process). university of sydney accepts scanned documents submitted online in support of applications for admission to courses of study.

impactsupporting our studentshow to givesupport our researchinspired campaignreports for donorscontact us. considerations where the research involves interaction with humans or animals and where applicable, how consent would be obtained. research applicants must submit a research proposal with their application form. must have all required documentation before it can be accepted by the university of sydney. the university accepts translations to english made by an accredited translator with a government body, the registrar of the issuing institution or, for international applicants, registered university of sydney education agents who have been designated as translators.
you should also talk to the department's postgraduate research student coordinator, as some departments have specific requirements. of researchresearch degreesscholarshipsfind a supervisorfees for research degreesgraduate research schoolapply for a research degreecandidate support and resources. they are taken from stevens and asmar (1999), doing postgraduate research in australia. information in this section is intended as a brief guide for how to write a thesis research proposal. this is an attempt to convince the reader that the research will be useful, interesting, or significant for the academic community, and may be suggestive of the research ‘gap’ which arises from the following literature review.

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