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& dissertations  can be browsed by issue date, author, title and subject. this study investigated the maternal lineages of south african goats . a tale of survival, dubbed that of the “south seas crusoes”, a group of men overcame the odds by setting up camp on a deserted volcanic sub-antarctic island in the middle of the southern indian ocean. descriptive visual analysis of the survival of tamil arranged marriage rituals and the impact of commercialism. by the nexus database system division of the national research foundation. database provides information on current and completed research projects including theses and dissertations in south africa.

Theses and dissertations database south africa

Dissertations south africa

dissertations & theses global is the world's most comprehensive collection of dissertations and theses from around the world, spanning from 1743 to the present day. african digital repository consists of records harvested from the institutional repositories of a number of south african and african institutions. and sexual partnerships in real-world settings with an eventual aim of reveal. it contains a significant amount of new international dissertations and theses both in citations and in full text. use and dependency is a growing concern within south africa, individuals face difficulty in remaining abstinent from the use of heroin due to constant relapse. this study explored socio-economic, cultural and environmental factors influencing young women’s vulnerability to hiv.

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Theses and dissertations south africa

management is a global phenomenon and a challenge to all nations. databases contributes to knowledge generation for the support and promotion of research development. collection comprises the African Digital Repository and Current and Completed Research. links or references to other sources of information in the databases do not imply the nrf's approval of those sources and are not to be regarded as endorsements of such sources. current and completed research database provides information on approximately 150,000 south african current and completed research projects, including theses and dissertations. maintenance therapy with pellet implantation as an aid for relapse prevention of heroin dependent individuals : a south african perspective.

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socio-economic, cultural and environmental factors influencing young women's vulnerability to hiv : a study in sunnyside (pretoria). there is a need to ensure that waste is handled in an environmental friendly and healthy manner. research a descriptive visual analysis of the survival of tamil arranged marriage rituals and the impact of commercialism is a critical analysis of ritual performances as a key component of tamil wedding ceremonies. development and supportbanqueting at ujcentrescommercialisation & technology transfergive to ujhuman resourcesinformation and communication systemsinstitutional advancementinstitutional office for hiv and aidsinstitutional planning, evaluation and monitoringlanguage unitombudsmanoperationsuj graphic studiounit for quality promotion. study on working conditions and health status of waste pickers working at landfill sites in the city of tshwane metropolitan municipality. aim of the research study was to evaluate the levels of 14c and 3h radionuclides in hartbeespoort dam water and to determine if these radionuclides are within regulatory concerns.

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your search by choosing 'theses & dissertations' in the dropdown menu. whilst every care is taken and every attempt is made to ensure the accuracy of the information provided in the databases, no guarantees are given as to the accuracy or currency of such information. archaeological study of the solglimt shipwreck survivor camp on sub-antarctic marion island. database contains online full-text dissertations and theses completed at south african universities. of directly observed tuberculosis treatment strategy in ethiopia : patient centeredness and satisfaction. titles are provided for projects in afrikaans or other indigenous south african languages.Can i buy a dissertation

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they facilitate access to ensure the utilisation of research results, technology and innovation. term aggregation refers to overdispersion and both are used interchangeably in this thesis.: the purpose of the study was to evaluate the effectiveness of the tuberculosis directly observed treatment, short-course (dots) strategy with respect to patient centeredness and satisfaction, and propose a model . aim of this study was to investigate the use of electronic information resources by postgraduate students at unisa regional learning centre in ethiopia and to identify the problems they experience when using the unisa . the institutional repository collects and maintains intellectual scholarship such as published journal articles (pre-print and post-print), conference papers and proceedings, data sets, reports, theses and dissertations in a free and open environment. respect of the nexus database system: (the databases) the national research foundation accepts no responsibility for any application, use or interpretation of the information contained in, or directly or indirectly retrieved from the databases and disclaims all liability for any damages, direct, indirect or consequential resulting from their use.The sims freeplay взлом на вип

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accessresearch commonsresearch toolsaccredited journalsgetting helptheses and dissertationscurrently selectedfind informationservices and facilitiesresearch outputscholarly publishing. of biological sample oxidiser and low-level liquid scintillation counter for the determination of 14c and 3h content in water from the hartbeespoort dam in north-west province. of art, design and architecturefaculty of economic and financial sciencesfaculty of educationfaculty of engineering and the built environmentfaculty of health sciencesfaculty of humanitiesfaculty of lawfaculty of managementfaculty of science. research explores the perception and practice of participatory communication for development. lineages and diversity of the growth hormone gene of south african goat populations. the consumption of green leafy vegetables is important to address micronutrients deficiency in rural communities and, at the .

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study presents the spatio-temporal assessment of groundwater-surface water (gw-sw) interaction aspects in the schoonspruit river catchment, north west of south africa. collection comprises the african digital repository and current and completed research. within this community and its collections:Items in unisa institutional repository are protected by copyright, with all rights reserved, unless otherwise indicated. maternal lineages and origins of the south african goat populations are unknown and hence pose challenges for breed characterization and conservation. impact of climate change on agricultural crop production in the vhembe district municipality, limpopo province south africa. and temporal assessment of groundwater-surface water interaction, schoonspruit river catchment, north west, south africa.

Theses and dissertations database south africa

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et modernitė dans c'est le soleil qui m'a brûlee (1987), assèze, l'africaine (1994) et femme nue, femme noire (2003) de calixthe beyala. portal provides access to the full-text of south african theses and dissertations. searchable abstracts with links to selected full-text theses and dissertations. success or failure of any criminal investigation often depends on the recognition of physical evidence left at a crime scene and the proper analysis of that evidence. insecurity remains a major challenge affecting the rural poor households in south africa. theses & dissertations completed at uj can be searched by selecting theses & dissertations under 'communities in uj ir'. Dissertation help reviews

aim of this research was to identify the impacts and adaptation options of climate variability and change on agricultural crop production in vhembe district municipality. it affects millions of people worldwide and thousands of people in south africa. theses & dissertations completed at uj can be located via the library catalogue (ujlink) by searching author, title or keywords. legal comparison of a notarial bond in south african law and selected aspects of a pledge without possession in belgian law. towards the cultivation and utilisation of indigenous leafy vegetables in rural communities. of spouses caring for their dementia of alzheimer's type partners : a south african perspective. Thesis dictionary meaning

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