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    social work dissertation topic 7:Evidence-based practice: a model for lifelong learning. notwithstanding issues of ethics and data protection this dissertation provides a unique insight to the challenges and difficulties faced by those who seek to enter the profession after a previous career. the primary aim  of this dissertation is to address  this concern by examining the risk and protective factors associated with depressive symptoms between older black americans. poetic narrative was also woven throughout the dissertation to evoke a fourth analytical space referred to as “differential consciousness” which transcends the bounds of academic words and ideas.. thirdly, broad community perceptions were that social workers were the agents of removal, yet such removals were undertaken on the advice of medical professionals, and, in some cases, contrary to the advice of social workers. A great selection of free social work dissertation topics and ideas to help you write the perfect dissertation. social work dissertation topic 4:Coping with inherent cultural perspectives: a transition to social work. this, when combined with a lack of recognition for countless migrant workers, can further hamper the ability of polish people to adequately access health care provision within the uk. with young people and vulnerable adults this often takes the form of working with probation services, schools and colleges, health care professionals and a variety of additional stakeholders. change and social work: our roles and barriers to action, tina cumby. because of the work practices that providers at mathare adopted to cope with the mismatch between limited resources in the work environment and patients’ needs, women did not receive the care necessary to support childbirth at the health center. this dissertation challenges the monolithic assumption that having liminal status is a source of chronic stress and social disconnection that deteriorates wellbeing. this submission i use previously published works, my book rethinking residential.

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    using a multi-method research technique and based on trainee observations within bolton, this is a dissertation that provides a valuable insight to the challenges that face inter-agency and inter-professional working patterns (including comments on the differences in departmental governance and practices). the primary research options could include interviews with social workers, service users or a combination of the two. to address these areas, this dissertation explores experiences inherent within the political violence, their effects on health and well-being, and processes of resilience within the experience of political violence.  i present just one aspect of our work, namely operationalizing par concepts with prisoners, officers, early childhood educators, nurse practitioners, birth attendants, and community members. employing postcolonial and poststructuralist frameworks, the study aims to reveal the function of language in representing hoa youth: it assumes language to be a “site of contestation” where youth position and reposition their claims as they characterize themselves and their experiences. does a high profile child death impact child protective service workers?. (2010) ‘psychiatric advance directives and social workers: an integrative review', social work, vol. social work dissertation topic 3:An exploration of attitudes and perceptions of oppression apparent between healthcare practitioners and the polish community. through this multi-method research approach this study examines the outcomes for children when different professionals from different agencies work with them and highlights how distinct knowledge, skills and values of social work is compatible within a multi-agency working approach. of social workers and volunteers: and the effect of these on services offered to clients of social work departments. (2008) ‘judgements of solomon: anxieties and defences of social workers involved in care proceedings', child & family social work, vol. for my dissertation research, i have conducted an oral ethnography with young adults, ages 18-25, who have been incarcerated in girls detention facilities in the juvenile justice system in new york state. in this dissertation, i applied a borderlands framework to learn about lived experiences in relationship to three central concepts within social work: community, belonging, and wellbeing.

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    social work dissertation topic 15:A note in the diary is not enough: personal safety issues for social workers. dissertation uses a stress and coping resource framework to examine heterogeneity among adolescents and young adults at risk for violence. under this license, works must always be attributed to the copyright holder (original author), cannot be used for any commercial purposes, and may not be altered. (2009) ‘social work after baby p', journal of international socialism, vol. chair based yoga workshop for self-care and stress management for social workers and mental health professionals, aileen j. have provided the selection of example social work dissertation topics below to help and inspire you. this study examines how social work students from a variety of backgrounds cope with the transition and includes both secondary research through a comprehensive literature review, but primary research in the form of interviews with psychologists, social workers, and university lecturers in social work. how area office social workers understand, and work with clients. finally, this dissertation study, from the perspective of front line caseworkers, also examined barriers and challenges latino children and families experience in the child welfare system. on the post-degree supervision needs of ontario social workers, heather jane hair. policy and social work education: a historical comparative study, thomas e. of, degree of knowledge about, and attitudes toward the body image concerns and eating practices of middle-school aged girls: a survey of school social workers, stephanie m. the first part of this study the development of probation work.

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    (2012) ‘making sense of the 'big society': social work and the moral order', journal of social work, not yet published. structural equation modeling (sem), and multiple groups sem (mgsem) technique was used to examine questions in this dissertation. this dissertation examines the legal position of social workers in end of life decisions, as well as the ethical and emotional ramifications of calls thereof. series contains dissertations from penn's doctorate in social work program. you need help with the topic and titles for your own dissertation then our writers are avilable to help. (2005) ‘self‐reflection in critical social work practice: subjectivity and the possibilities of resistance', reflective practice: international and multidisciplinary perspectives, vol. undergraduate and postgraduate social work degrees the importance of promulgating evidence-based practice is accepted and well grounded. the study captures the nuances of hoa youth discourse, moving beyond dichotomous frameworks to more fully acknowledge the complexities for immigrant youth of negotiating inbetween spaces. development and baccalaureate social work education: one historic program, lloyd gestoso.'better together’: a grounded theory study of social worker decision making in cases involving sexual behaviour between siblings. do social workers in the icu perceive their role in providing end-of-life care?  recognizing the importance of lgbtq campus centers and the political and identity struggles within the movement that created them; this dissertation addressed this gap in research knowledge. in most cases, these works may not be reposted without the explicit permission of the copyright holder.

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focusing upon the role of the media and the lessons learned, this dissertation asks whether more still needs to be done to not protect those who are not guilty until so proven and the need for greater sensitivity from the press.” the study potentially contributes to social work methodology, theory, and practice, and to youth programming. and implementation of section 12 of the social work (scotland) act 1968. nationals can be viewed as exploited and chen, vanek and carr (2004) suggest that migrant workers do not always have appropriate access to emergency health care. these documents are made available for personal study and research purposes only, in accordance with the canadian copyright act and the creative commons license—cc by-nc-nd (attribution, non-commercial, no derivative works).. (2010) ‘recognizing the limitations of the political theory of recognition: axel honneth, nancy fraser and social work', british journal of social work, vol. is important for the future of social work that social workers come from a variety of backgrounds as indeed service users come from a wide variety of backgrounds. the study reviews the training options currently given in the arena both to social work students, and to existing social workers through continuing professional development seminars and programmes. finally, it considers whether inadequate safety measures impair the quality of work undertaken (for example, as a result of lack of focus) and develops recommendations for future practice. the papers within this dissertation employ distinct guiding questions and associated research methods to: (1) provide an interdisciplinary overview of resilience to clarify what we currently know from scholarly literature about how individuals and communities weather the effects of political violence; (2) explore how political violence affects a variety of health outcomes (including general health, ptsd and distress) and examine how these health effects of political violence might differ along various sources of coping, ranging from self-reliance to use of support from one’s family and from religious and political resources; and (3) examine how women describe the specific, particular experiences they endure within political violence and their strategies of resistance within that context. research findings herein also challenge traditional social work frameworks that often rely on essentialized representations of social groups, single-oppression analyses of inequality and identity, and/or u. too often, however, the only precautionary measure taken by agencies (particularly those within the charitable sector) is a note in the diary where the social worker is expected to be at a certain time.  results also showed that new skill acquisition by coalition members and the engagement of diverse sectors in coalition work, as reported by coalition members, moderated the relationship between ctc and the community-wide adoption of a science-based approach to prevention.

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beyond the surface: ethics education in canadian social work bachelor programs, susan lynn hardie. social work and technology: a cross-disciplinary analysis of technology issues in violence against women shelters in ontario, canada. examination of social workers' and other therapists' use of transference and countertransference as therapeutic tools in couples counselling within the psychoanalytic paradigm, heidi b.  further, professional social work organizations and feminist social work scholars have called for the field to build paradigms and practices that address the intersections of oppressions facing individuals and communities, such as race/ethnicity, gender, sexuality, and class, in a global context. in order to support pregnant and parenting teens, this dissertation addresses these questions through a critical feminist epistemology and a comparative, historical, qualitative and interpretive methodology. among youth at risk for violence:Implications of a stress and coping framework for prevention. statistics prove, assaults and other acts of aggression are increasingly being levelled against social workers.' professionals' views and perceptions of their pre-qualifying interprofessional learning as preparation for interprofessional working in practice', journal of interprofessional care, not yet published. this dissertation applies an institutional lens to the study of the transition to adulthood in order to help illuminate the role of social structures in shaping individual lives during childhood, adolescence, and the transition to adulthood, and consists of three analyses. ultimately, this dissertation hopes to offer advice on coping mechanisms for social work students.  using a community-based youth program in rural hawai‘i as a case study with 17 interviews and content analysis of texts about the program, this dissertation consists of three articles. social work dissertation topic 12:The policies of the coalition government with respect to social work: a review. movements for euthanasia have strengthened public awareness of end of life decisions and social workers can sometimes be at the centre of service users' wish to cease living.

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Social work dissertation

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dissertation examines factors such as an increased understanding of professional roles, communication, coherent service and tension reduction, and how these impact on professionals in multi-agency working practice. however, the wish to assist service users can be so strong that social workers can risk diminishing empowering service users. utilizing the linked data from the collaborative psychiatric epidemiology surveys (cpes), this dissertation addresses the gap in literature by examining differences in reports of chronic cardiovascular, chronic respiratory, and chronic pain conditions across three samples of asian american (n=1,628), latino americans (n=1,940), and afro-caribbean american (n=978) respondents. social work dissertation topic 10:Mentoring as a crucial component of social work training: a review. for this dissertation, i first examined the extent to which the effect of ctc on the adoption of a community-wide scientific approach to prevention varied significantly across matched community pairs. the need for cost efficiencies has already resulted in a decline in the number of case workers and, through that, an increased work load for those who remain. two-paper examination on the integration of humor into clinical social work, stephanie nathanson. the stranger: an exploration of the nature of the work of mennonite christians in the work of refugee assistance in the region of waterloo, paul millar. the final paper reviews the theoretical frameworks that have been employed to study lesbian, gay, and bisexual older adult health. thesis concerns the role of the social care worker in interventions into. students can choose to withdraw their dissertation and/or thesis from this database. for more information about university of pennsylvania dissertation requirements and guidelines, please consult the dissertation manual.. (1999) ‘the role of values and experience in determining social workers' attitudes toward euthanasia and assisted suicide', social work health care, vol.
online database contains the full-text of phd dissertations and masters’ theses of wilfrid laurier university students from 1982 forward. this project integrates elements of transnational feminism, postcolonial studies, and borderland epistemology within a queer framework, employing theoretical pluralism to interpret stories of lived lives, material realities, and perceived wellbeing. some features of this site may not work without it. (2009) ‘knowledge management in social work: types and processes of knowledge sharing in social service organizations', british journal of social work, vol. this dissertation research draws upon my direct practice experience with lgbtq youth in the child welfare system and as a queer activist.   in its entirety, this dissertation argues for and provides a more holistic, nuanced approach to examining and explaining the relationship between immigration-related factors and asian american health. given the on-going need for departments to make further cuts this dissertation not only analyses the already-felt effect of the coalition's cuts but also predicts the likely effects of the further cuts over the next two financial years. social work dissertation topic 14:A change in career: a transition to social work from previous employment - the student's experience. need to talk: advancing urban school social worker knowledge of adhd and collaboration with teachers, mery f. social work dissertation topic 11:The practical challenges of inter-professional practice in social work today. this dissertation accordingly evaluates the extent to which professionals within the field who are in their late 40s and 50s would benefit from career professional development that takes them back into the classroom to revise their theoretical understandings of key issues and to do so with reference to evidence-based case studies that have been academically evaluated.  to address these gaps, this dissertation bridges theories of community youth participation, critical pedagogies of place, and community epistemology. this dissertation seeks, however, to test the validity of this contention with reference to work ‘in the field'.

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relying on mixed methods (logistic regression, multiple group structural equation modeling, and grounded theory) to address these questions, this dissertation study offers valuable contributions by: 1) examining unique predictors of developmental outcomes among foster care alumni of color, 2) highlighting strengths and areas where improvement in child welfare practice is needed to ensure foster care children and adolescents receive evidence based, culturally sensitive services to thrive as adults, and 3) exploring factors that may mitigate negative developmental outcomes and contribute to timely permanency and reunification among latinos in the child welfare system. this dissertation aims to help fill this gap by examining north carolina judicial opinions, written in 2010, that resolved disputed actions to terminate parental rights. (2008) ‘advancing social work practice in end-of-life care', social work in health care, vol. social work dissertation topic 8:Lessons from cleveland: the effect of the media. view moresubjectannexe thesis digitisation project 2016 block 4 (4)annexe thesis digitisation project 2016 block 5 (3)annexe thesis digitisation project 2016 block 6 (2)decision making (2)human (2)learning disabilities (2)psychology (2)services (2)social work (2)social work (2). dissertation examines the social context of immigration-related factors as they relate to the health of asian american immigrants and focuses specifically on age at migration and period of migration as potential explanatory contexts for elucidating the strong relationship between immigration and health.  in the first paper, an historical, social, political and theoretical framework is outlined that argues for the use of expanded contexts when empirically examining asian american health. experience of the care environment, iii) patient-provider relations, and iv) providers’ experience of their work affected facility delivery among hiv-positive women attending mathare north health center, a community health facility in nairobi, kenya. experience of new workers in the field of child welfare, teena m. it is one of the largest centres for social work education in the uk and is among the highest ranked for the quality of its teaching and research. not only do courts safeguard parents’ rights during termination proceedings, they are actively involved in creating child welfare policy and setting the parameters of social work practice in the field. the latino child welfare research and practice (lcwrp) model (garcia, 2009) provided a conceptual framework to aid in identifying areas that warrant further attention for this study. (2010) ‘social work students: stress, support and well-being' british journal of social work, vol.

students about the social constructs of sex work: integrating a course focused on prostitution into the social work curriculum, halcyon francis. grounded in theory, this dissertation also takes advantage of interviews with practitioners, clients and the family of clients to assess the extent to which present-day interventions not only conform to best practice but could also be further improved so as to ensure that client care is always maximised. however, in widening participation in social work employment amongst people with differing, ethnic, social, religious and cultural backgrounds, it must be acknowledged that understanding how to overcome existing cultural beliefs is also important in training the social workers of tomorrow. the mountain together: social workers’ constructions of positive reactions from trauma work, meg a. approaches to clinical social work practice: considerations from contemporary relational psychoanalytic theory, christopher trevelyan. social work dissertation topic 9:The act of reflection: self-indulgence or a model for learning in social work. (2011) ‘problems with the term and concept of ‘abuse': critical reflections on the scottish adult support and protection study', british journal of social work, vol. buddhist-informed conceptual framework for approaching difficult emotions in psychotherapy, pamela a. yet, despite its profound consequences, termination is infrequently addressed in social work scholarship. care and two articles ‘reading bauman for social work’ and ‘care ethics in. it evaluates whether these measures are sufficient to maintain the physical safety of social workers, and whether the social workers in question feel safe when undertaking their duties. invisible epidemic: educating social work students towards holistic practice in a period of mass incarceration, kirk a. social work dissertation topic 6:End of life decisions: the role of the social worker.
social work dissertation topic 2:The impact of multi-agency working on safeguarding children. what factors impede or help them in carrying out this role in end-of-life care and is social work education a contributing component? building upon the social oppression matrix of hardiman and jackson (1997) this dissertation evaluates how oppression can manifest itself within health care within the uk with reference to a particular ethnic community. study findings challenge theoretical and conceptual frameworks that assume hoa youth have a stable, rational, and unified identity, and assume related ideas about empowerment and change, which can ultimately victimize youth for not fitting into expected norms. welfare social work and the promotion of client self-determination, ginneh l.  fostering deeper understandings of intersecting oppressions and processes impacting transnational populations in these ways can contribute to more liberatory social work scholarship and practice. is a key component of modern social work practice as it helps service users to identify means of effecting change. of the social care worker in interventions into unacceptable sexual behaviour in people who have a learning disability. (2005) ‘violence in the social work workplace: the canadian experience', international social work, vol.  analyses of south asian women’s narratives point to the need to expand intersectionality theorizing and social work education to incorporate: context; temporality, age, and lifecourse; transnational experiences; concepts of diaspora; and relationships between experiences of privilege and marginalization. social work dissertation topic 1:An analysis of the lessons that can be learnt from the ‘baby p' case with regard to both field work and social work management. women's global narratives and local needs in our own backyard: global critical race feminism for direct social work practice, carly goldberg. (eds) (2010) understanding interprofessional working in health and social care: theory and practice. Sitemap