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a major outcome of this work is an integrated system for mcq generation that has been evaluated by potential end users. @europhras_2017 to find out the latest news on the 'computational and corpus-based phraseology' conference 13-14 nov.

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the continuous development in the area of information technology and increasing use of the internet has resulted in a huge global market and rapid growth for e-learning. our research enabled us to automatically generate questions regarding the important concepts present in a domain by relying on unsupervised relation extraction approaches as extracted semantic relations allow us to identify key information in a sentence.

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of oulu graduate school; university of oulu, faculty of technology, department of. the studies have likewise revealed the need for methodological changes by quality assurance bodies and authorities carrying out audit and accreditation for integrating elearning into quality assurance, as well as the need to fully understand the complexity and the special characteristics of e-learning.

Naveed Afzal's PhD thesis: Unsupervised Relation Extraction for E

comparison between the surface-based and the dependency-based approaches revealed that the dependency-based approach performs better. this qualitative, multiple-case-study research with single and cross-case analysis focuses on.

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the evaluation results revealed that the mcq system based on dependency-based semantic relations performed better than the surface-based one. conversely, in the dependency-based approach questions are automatically generated by traversing the dependency tree of extracted sentence matched by the dependency-based semantic patterns.

An Analysis of e-Learning Impacts & Best Practices in Developing

the aim of both approaches is to identify the most important semantic relations in a document without assigning explicit labels to them in order to ensure broad coverage, unrestricted to predefined types of relations. position @rgcl_wlv @wlv_uni post-doctoral research fellow in translation technology bit.

Predicting International Critical Success Factors in e-learning: A

to my blog on quality, elearning, oer, oep, oec, and user generated content (ugc). this modern era many educational institutes and business organisations are adopting the e-learning approach as it provides an effective method for educating and testing their students and staff.

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in this thesis, we present an alternative to the lengthy and time-consuming activity of developing mcts by proposing a natural language processing (nlp) based approach that relies on semantic relations extracted using information extraction to automatically generate mcts. in this work, we present two unsupervised re approaches (surface-based and dependency-based).

(2006) E-learning strategies of higher education institutions

education is facing a range of major  challenges during the twenty-first century. research provides directions and recommendations for  the future regarding how to accomplish benchmarking e-learning in extended learning environments in which students can study, work and live independently of time and space with global resources at their disposal in lifelong learning environments.

doctoral dissertation revealed challenges to integrate external quality audits and internally driven benchmarking. probably, the challenge lies not with the system, success factors or benchmarks but in the lack of knowledge and experience of e-learning systems amongst those charged with implementation.

ie has two major subtasks: named entity recognition (ner) and relation extraction (re). personalised, flexible and open learning are considered among the driving forces, thus, issues of quality must be urgently addressed.

Phd thesis on e learning

our findings indicate that the presented approaches are capable of achieving high precision rates. mcq systems produced from these surface-based and dependency-based semantic patterns were extrinsically evaluated by two domain experts in terms of questions and distractors readability, usefulness of semantic relations, relevance, acceptability of questions and distractors and overall mcq usability.

extraction (ie) is an nlp field used to recognise the most important entities present in a text, and the relations between those concepts, regardless of their surface realisations. the choice of theoretical foundations for benchmarking e-learning will impact the consequences of accomplishing and selecting benchmarks.

@phdthesis{afzal-phd,Author = {naveed afzal},Title = {unsupervised relation extraction for e-learning applications},Address = {wolverhampton, uk},Month = {january},Reader in translation technology position available @rgcl_wlv @wlv_uni apply here today! the research shows that benchmarking as a method will have a significant impact on ordinary quality assurance in higher education. Sitemap