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published papers are presented in the thesis ‘rewritten' in the traditional narrative style then acknowledgement of others' contributions is still required. it lists the work/s written by you in collaboration with other authors and shows the publication status of those works. the thesis must be a consolidated body of work whether publications are included or not. you must upload these forms with your thesis on submission. to do this, you must complete the declaration for a thesis with publication form and approach all co-authors to sign the co-author authorisation form. do i need to complete the declaration for a thesis with publication and co-author authorisation forms? my research is part of a large consortium where every member is usually listed as an author of a publication. the thesis including published works is not a different degree; rather, it is a thesis format that includes papers that have been submitted, or accepted, for publication. when creating my list of tables and figures do i also need to include the tables and figures from a publication that i have included in my thesis?

Phd thesis list of publications

the university does not allow paid editorial assistance for writing theses, but the peer review process for publications involves an editor. your co-authors and principal supervisor must declare that you are the primary author and that you contributed more than 50 per cent of the work by completing the co-author authorisation and declaration for a thesis with publication form, respectively. of the thesis if my thesis includes publications as thesis chapters, is additional material allowed? you can use the figure in your thesis without completing the forms but you should acknowledge the origin of the figure in the preface. do i need to have been enrolled from a certain date in order to include a publication in my thesis?, design and architectureartsbusiness and economicseducationengineeringmonash sustainability institutesciencecontactsthe examinations section of graduate education handles queries about the thesis including published works*. all theses, whether they contain publications or not, must have a literature review that clearly details the research question and a general discussion that integrates your work. secondary publications, including review articles, cannot be used in their published form in a thesis. most publishers require transfer of copyright to them in order to publish, but will allow a paper to be included in a thesis.

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you include publications in your thesis, you may have to supplement the papers with additional methods sections as they are often abbreviated in published articles. i want to include text in my thesis that i wrote for a publication but the publication is not appropriate to include in its entirety in my thesis. the papers do not have to be rewritten for the thesis. the work should be listed in the preface of your thesis. metricsultimately it is the examiners who make a determination of the quality of research presented in a thesis. workshops on the thesis including published works are also run through the skills essentials series, if you require more information. do not delay submission of your thesis to await publication acceptance: some journals have long peer-review timelines. papers and book chapters that are not peer reviewed cannot be included as part of a thesis with publications. doctoral and research master's students are permitted to submit a thesis including published works.

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to ensure that the co-authors of all works are consulted before the work is included in the thesis and that your contribution in the publication is clear. suitability i published work which is relevant to my thesis prior to my enrolment. only work completed during your candidature can be included in the thesis in its published form. no, but you may do so if you think that it will assist readers of your thesis. where the student has less than 50% contribution may be included if significant to the thesis but papers with minor contributions should be kept to a minimum. what if my publication has not been accepted or published by the journal by the time i am ready to submit my thesis for examination? initiation, key ideas, development and writing up of each of the works included as publications should be the primary responsibility of the candidate. can a systematic review of a specific research question be included as a publication in my thesis? the graduate research students policy outlines what publications can be included in the thesis.

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the policy allows the thesis to be submitted with publications, it is not a thesis by publication. the 'literature review' chapter must discuss the research questions to be addressed by the thesis. you should provide this evidence to your advisory committee when you are discussing the proposed format for your thesis. how does my advisory committee approve the inclusion of a publication as part of my thesis? you will need to present the information as a traditional thesis chapter.  the declaration is placed at the front of the thesis and replaces the standard general declaration. and mphil candidates who have published their work during candidature may include publications, where appropriate, as part of their thesis, along with chapters that are written specifically for the thesis. publishing a paper of any kind during candidature does not always mean that it will fit logically within the thesis in its published form. i will be adapting it for my thesis and will not use the published version.

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thesis should have an integrative discussion which ties everything together. can i include it as a chapter of my thesis? for example, you may need to include methods chapters to augment the publications. other research outputs (appropriate to the discipline), including publications not included in the thesis, that have been made during candidature may be listed also. framing the publicationstext framing the publications should include the general introduction and the concluding remarks. it is understood that portions of the thesis that have been published or accepted for publication will have been through an editorial process. will also need to include a preface in your thesis that clearly indicates your contribution to each of the publications. theses including published works must include a declaration which specify the extent and nature of your contribution and co-authors’ contribution to each of the publications. note that if others have contributed to the work that you are including in your thesis you need to acknowledge their contributions in the preface.

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how do i place my publication within context in my thesis? can a published literature review be included in my thesis? a theoretical paper can be included in your thesis if the content of the paper would have otherwise been included in a thesis chapter. can i include this publication as a chapter of my thesis? data omitted from the publication may be included as addenda to the publications. your principal supervisor must sign the declaration for a thesis with publication and co-author authorisation forms which confirms their agreement to the inclusion of the publication. for guidance, refer to text framing the publications (as below). is expected that multi-authored papers submitted in a thesis would therefore have a substantial and significant contribution by the student (at least 50%). do i need to complete the declaration for a thesis with publication and co-author authorisation forms?

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the forms do i need to complete the declaration for a thesis with publication form if i am not including the actual publication in my thesis? see examples of thesis and chapter formats when including publications. paramount consideration is that the material presented for examination should equate to that which would otherwise be presented using the traditional thesis format. i want to include part of a co-authored publication, for which i am the primary author, in my thesis. you are also encouraged to include any data and discussion that was omitted from the published article as an addendum in the thesis. thesis must reflect a sustained and cohesive theme, and framing or substantial linking text is normally required in introducing the research and linking the chapter/papers/manuscripts. you can include it in a list of publications and the pdf could be added to the appendix. several papers result during candidature where the student has a minor contribution and where these relate to, but are not vital to, the argument of the thesis, these papers may be appended to the thesis (but not required to be listed in the declaration). submission you will be required to confirm that the work in the publications is your own, and that your co-authors attest to this and give permission for the article to be included in the thesis.

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the format of your thesis and whether it includes publications depends on your discipline and thesis content and structure. this option with your supervisor early in candidature as it requires some planning: only publications that have been peer-reviewed and are accepted in press or published at the time of submission may be included in the thesis. this could be relatively brief and should avoid mere repetition of discussion points from the results / findings chapters whether or not they are in the format of publications. therefore, a thesis including (or with)  publication is expected to contain articles published in reputable, peer-reviewed, journals considered in the top half of those relevant to the overall theme of the thesis. can i include my published protocol paper in the methods section of the thesis? introduction should specify the research question/s covered by the thesis. theses, whether they contain publications or not, must include a literature review written specifically for the thesis that clearly details the research question and a general discussion that integrates the work and places the publications into the context of the research question. please refer to thesis formats and word limits for information on the word limit for your degree. faculty-specific guidelines refer to faculty requirements (as below)list of research outputsa list of publications included in the thesis should be included at the beginning of the thesis. Sitemap