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digital conversation event explores the issues faced by phd researchers producing innovative work but struggling to get that work into the thesis format.

Phd thesis british library

all theses are produced as text-based documents but universities are gradually allowing new forms of thesis to be submitted for the research degree, which might include research outputs such as websites, software, film, creative performance and databases.


is doing collaborative phd research on photographs of the british west india regiments between 1865-1914.

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…a collaborative phd with the british library gives me the means to access a public audience….

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this work beyond the written thesis enables peake’s spaces to be analysed as architecture in potentia and so provides a recognisable architectural foundation from which the analysis of space and language can take place.

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coral has been employed on a research placement by the british library investigating multimedia and non-text phd research outputs and how ethos might develop to meet the challenge of evolving digital theses.

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…king george iii’s topographical collection is a truly amazing collection in the british library….

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part of her thesis is being produced as a video-game so that the arguments can be played rather than read, and the construction behind them interrogated within the framework of the video-game medium itself.

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's a new viewer for digitised items in the british library's collections.

ethos toolkit  provides guidance and information about e-theses repositories, copyright and ipr issues, repository software and other areas, to help ensure a high level of visibility of uk thesis content.

search to items available for immediate download from ethos or the institution:Can't find the thesis you want?

Phd thesis british library

over 340,000 records of phd and other doctoral theses, and select a variety of ways to access the full item:instantly download the full text of over 100,000 free open access thesesfollow links to a free open access copy available direct from the awarding institutionorder a digital copy of a paper thesis or contact the awarding institution’s library to find out how to view a copyethos aims to demonstrate the quality of uk research by making uk doctoral theses discoverable and openly available online.

free e-theses service allows you to access over 440,000 phd thesis records online.

first-year phd students, our annual programme of doctoral open days offers an introduction to the practicalities of using the library and help in navigating our physical and online collections.
if so, you might be interested in coming to the british library for a free evening event, hosted by the library's digital research team and ethos the national database of uk doctoral theses. Sitemap