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impetus for this dissertation is to explain why well-functioning markets might be able to stay at or near a market equilibrium.-based authentication is the dominant mechanism for verifying the identity of computer users, even though it is well known that people frequently choose passwords that are vulnerable to dictionary attacks. zlisp was created as a vehicle for experimenting with parallel symbolic computing on a variety of supercomputer designs. computer science textbooks and classroom lectures are filled with diagrams, and much of our design activity as programmers takes place on whiteboards, we write our pro- grams as text. dissertation attempts to alleviate this situation by targeting three interconnected goals: (1) providing improved qos guarantees to the service clients, (2) optimizing server resource utilization, and (3) providing application developers with guidelines for natural application structuring, which enable efficient use of the proposed mechanisms for improving service performance. in many contexts, painting and illustration have many advantages over photorealistic computer graphics, in aspects such as aesthetics, expression, and computational requirements. finally, we illustrate these ideas with example data from both neuroscience and finance, comparing the results to those found with other inference methods. creation of 3d models is a fundamental task in computer graphics. to address this problem, this dissertation describes a new expert-driven approach to set-based pattern validation. we suggest a simple language, the cell programming language (cpl), to write computer programs to describe this behavior. a test bed system called simx and four example mess across different disciplines, this dissertation shows that the application-aware mes-level approach can achieve multi-fold to multiple orders-of-magnitude improvements over the traditional simulation-level approach. gives a programmer a simple tool to build and effectively execute parallel programs on a set of commodity computers. is a complete list of doctoral graduates of the department of computer science, with their dissertation titles. this dissertation, we present a variant of linda, called persistent linda (plinda), that treats these two issues uniformly: specifically, plinda treats non-idleness as failure. in this dissertation, we suggest two related approaches that, while both rely on formal method techniques, they can still be applied to larger practical systems. this dissertation explores the redesign and extension of core library, a c++ library which embraces the egc approach. computer graphics and user interface design, selection problems are those that require the user to select a collection consisting of a small number of items from a much larger library. first part of this dissertation motivates the protein function prediction problem, explores previous work, and introduces novel methods that improve upon previously reported benchmarks for a particular type of learning algorithm, known as gaussian random field label propagation (grflp).

Phd dissertation in computer science

this dissertation we present an action-semantics-based framework for high-level source-to-source language translation. our aim is to transform this biological origins problem into a computational inverse problem, and then attack it using approaches from computer science. libraries: except where noted, all of the dissertations listed here are available from the libraries at unc-chapel hill. this dissertation, we study the problem of distributing and utilizing route-impacting control information. of humans in images is a long standing problem in computer vision research for which, despite significant research effort, an adequate solution has not yet emerged. is a challenging area for computer science, since the underlying computational formalisms span database systems, numerical methods, geometric modeling and visualization, imaging and image analysis, combinatorial algorithms, data analysis and mining, statistical approaches, and reasoning under uncertainty. both, and the dissertation must show it to be so. dissertation develops programming languages and associated techniques for sound and efficient implementations of algorithms for program generation. recently, deep feature hierarchies have proven to be immensely successful at solving many problems in computer vision. is becoming increasingly clear that parallel computers will play a significant role in the area of computer science and its applications. thesis concerns zlisp, a portable parallel lisp environment for shared memory mimd supercomputers. scalable parallel or distributed computers offer the promise of faster time to solve problems through parallelism and solutions to larger problems by adding more parallel processors with their own private memories. dissertation presents a novel approach to the inference of general (type-level) and singular (token-level) causes. computer simulations of the activity evoked by binocular stimuli, as they would appear at the level of layers iii and iv in v-1, are shown, and compared to results from recent experiments. we then present a large collection of basic algorithms for both the ultracomputer and the paracomputer. this dissertation presents a novel sequence assembler, sutta, that dispenses with the idea of limiting the solutions to just the approximated ones, and instead favors an approach that could potentially lead to an exhaustive (exponential-time) search of all possible layouts but tames the complexity through constrained search (branch-and-bound) and quick identification and pruning of implausible solutions.: low-level image priors and laplacian preconditioners for applications in computer graphics and computational photography. dissertation presents a shared memory software system for executing programs with nested parallelism and synchronization on a network of non-dedicated workstations.

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    more importantly, sets are a basic construct of mathematics and thus natural to use when mathematically defining the properties of a computer system. on the author’s name will take you to a separate page containing dissertation abstracts, where available. theses and dissertations from Computer Science at Michigan Tech, and learn more about the journey of earning a graduate degree. in this dissertation the relations between the mathematical structure of nested loop algorithms and the architectural capabilities required for their parallel execution are studied., novices writing a dissertation in the experimental areas of cs., this dissertation demonstrates the advantages of a complete pipeline integrating base-calling (totalrecaller) with assembly (sutta) in a bayesian manner. first part of this dissertation describes the framework for high performance time series data mining based on important primitives. this dissertation presents two efficient comparative analysis tools used in comparative genomics and comparative optical-map study, respectively. dissertation makes four contributions towards supporting distributed, multi-user applications over open networks. detection is a fundamental problem of computer vision and has been widely investigated. advantages of using a set of networked commodity computers for parallel processing is well understood: such computers are cheap, widely available, and mostly underutilized., computational biology has emerged as one of the most exciting areas of computer science research, not only because of its immediate impact on many biomedical applications, (e. a dissertation requires a student to think deeply, to organize. will present a unified set of techniques to implement a virtual reliable parallel-processing platform on a set of unreliable computers with temporally varying execution speeds. in the first half of this dissertation, we develop point estimates for these two different definitions of approximate zeros of an analytic function on a banach space, but assume the strong bigfloat computational model of brent, i. by these negative results, this dissertation reinvestigates the algorithmic techniques required to correctly and efficiently assemble genomes. this dissertation also addresses these concerns by developing a more comprehensive metric, the feature-response curve, that, using ideas from classical roc (receiver-operating characteristic) curve, more faithfully captures the trade-off between contiguity and quality. the past thirty years the desktop or wimp (windows, icons, menus, pointer) user interface has made the computer into a tool that allows non-specialists to get a variety of tasks done.
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    this dissertation we describe the design, performance, and underlying logic of a knowledge­based program that solves life and death problems in the game of go. resourcebroker is a resource manager that demonstrates a novel technique to dynamically manage the assignment of computers to parallel programs. various production system rdems and a recurrence equation rdem are defined and formally compared in terms of expressive power in this dissertation. thesis illustrates the strength of randomness by applying some recent probabilistic techniques to solve problems in number theory, graph theory and computer science. dissertation also explores various theoretical properties of sequences of validation operators and facilitates a better understanding of the validation process. experience-driven pedagogy for instruction of software testing in computer science., a dissertation does not repeat the details of critical thinking. an example of a small flexible manufacturing system is used throughout the dissertation to illustrate various points about the described methods. the dissertation, the power of the newly developed techniques is shown in several examples. explore the role of features in solving problems in computer vision and learning. this dissertation presents algorithms that support persistent search trees, with applications in computational geometry. in this dissertation we study the question of achieving cryptographic security in the setting where multiple (mutually distrusting) clients wish to delegate the computation of a joint function on their inputs to an untrusted cloud, while keeping these inputs private. shared memory mimd computers, with hundreds or thousands of processors, pose special problems for general purpose operating system design. this dissertation surveys the ability of currently popular syntax-aware smt systems to model real-world multitext, and shows different types of linguistic phenomena occurring in natural language translation that these popular systems cannot capture. major accomplishments reported in this thesis are:- the development of a computer grammar for a nontrivial sublanguage of german. this dissertation shows that for a large class of array-style programs automatic data distribution can produce a significant speedup on a distributed memory mimd machine. in addition, the dissertation focuses on the variety of obstacles in learning with motion data. the sat problem is one of several computational tasks identified by researchers as core problems in computer science.
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    and terminology:Each technical term used in a dissertation must be defined either by. second part of the dissertation focuses specifically on the positive-unlabeled aspects of the pfp problem. algorithmic approaches from computer science have provided the first steps in this direction, but fail to capture the complex, probabilistic and temporal nature of the relationships we seek. the mesh surface presents several advantages over previous sph surface tracking techniques: a new method for surface tension calculations clearly outperforms the state of the art in sph surface tension for computer graphics. we improve upon sequence alignment tools designed for dna with plains, an algorithm than uses piecewise-linear gap functions and parameter-optimization to obtain correlations in remotely-related species pairs such as human and fugu using reasonable amounts of memory and space on an ordinary computer. of the challenges of computer vision is that the information we seek to extract from images is not even defined for most images. and verification of temporal events with applications in computer micro-architecture research. statement in a dissertation must be correct and defensible in a. intrusion detection is therefore needed as another way to protect computer systems. this thesis presents a new three-dimensional surface model - three-dimensional fuzzy disk model, for computer graphics display. an acknowledgement to jim in the dissertation, but do not include. technology to help people teach and learn is an important topic in human computer interaction (hci). previous applications of the complex-logarithmic geometry to computer vision, graphics and sensory neuroscience are surveyed. the security of computer networks is not a new issue. one should learn from the exercise:All scientists need to communicate discoveries; the phd dissertation. this dissertation focuses on four essential aspects of knowledge base population by leveraging ie techniques: extracting facts from unstructured data, validating the extracted information, accelerating and enhancing systems with less annotation effort, and utilizing knowledge bases to improve real-world applications. thesis addresses the difficult open problem in computer graphics of autonomous human modeling and animation, specifically of emulating the rich complexity of real pedestrians in urban environments. dissertation describes three techniques that address these challenges in the context of component-based applications.
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computer procedure for generating visible-line drawings of solids bounded by quadric surfaces. training of a neural network and a structured model for computer vision. has long been the goal in computer vision to learn a hierarchy of features useful for object recognition. you now, revisit them after you finish writing a dissertation. systematic method for the creation of data structures in computer graphics applications. the methods are illustrated in three case studies and in three supplementary examples (which are smaller in scope than the case studies), all of which are fundamental computer science problems. computer chess, which has seen steady progress since shannon's [23] and turing's [24] original papers on the subject, progress on computer go remains in relative infancy. the paracomputer forms our underlying theoretical model of parallel computation although we also consider a realistic architecture approximating this model. as a result, a mix of parallel programs, written using diverse programming systems can effectively execute concurrently on a set of computers. graduates of other departments or schools, whose primary adviser was a member of the department of computer science, are also listed. dissertation studies the semi-automated synthesis and verification of control systems for robotics and manufacturing devices using formal methods in a discrete framework, and bears some resemblance to the theory of controlled discrete event systems (cdes) of ramadge and wonham. tasks in design, verification, and testing of hardware and computer systems can be reduced to checking satisfiability of logical formulas. many of these algorithms use the faa (fetch-and-add) operation, a versatile low-level synchronization primitive that has been promoted by the nyu ultracomputer group and incorporated in several other supercomputer designs. networked environments populated with multiuser commodity computers, both the computing speed and the number of available computers for executing parallel programs may change frequently and unpredictably. computer based approach to some geometric aspects of character recognition. and science:In a scientific dissertation, one never draws conclusions about the. in inferring such a phenotype descriptor from the record, a computer, in a sense, "understands", the relevant parts of the record. an important result of this dissertation is that the berge strong perfect graph conjecture is shown to hold for the class of circle graphs.

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this is a common problem that arises in many computer vision applications: for example, predicting a semantic label at each pixel describes not only the image content, but also fine-grained locations and segmenta- tions; at the same time, finding depth or surface normals provide 3d geometric relations between points. following prediction problem is studied in this dissertation: given a specification of the future behavior of a system and the current state of the system described with a relational database, predict what will happen to the system in the future. algorithms are developed for a class of parallel machines characterized by shared memory multiprocessors, such as is exhibited by the ultracomputer model.“a new class of recursive routing algorithms on mesh-connected computers”. in this dissertation, we describe two systems that help bridge the two extremes, providing scalable, geo-replicated storage for web applications, while also easy to program for.: optimization and garbage collection in ada programs on shared memory computers.“shape analysis for computer graphics via figural models of perception”. specifically, the dissertation develops: 1) a remote authentication architecture that lets users recover easily in case of password compromise; 2) a social network-based email system in which users can authenticate themselves as trusted senders without disclosing all their social contacts; and 3) a group access-control scheme where requests can be monitored while affording a degree of anonymity to the group member performing the request. second part of this dissertation integrates the above primitives into useful applications ranging from music to physics to finance to medicine. in recent decades, it has been widely and successfully applied to the static analysis of computer programs. relativization of formal language theory is studied in this dissertation. example, if programs run much slower on computer a than on computer b,One cannot conclude that the processor in a is slower than the processor. next generation of robotic applications--computer integrated manufacturing, teleoperation, and mobile autonomous robots--will require far more computer systems support than currently available. cow from sheep is effortless for most animals, but requires much engineering for computers. dissertation examines the problem of creating surface-based geometric models of biomedical objects that are suitable for analysis through visualization, mensuration, and manipulation. the inception of computer languages there have been attempts to define programming languages formally. this dissertation, we are presenting a model suitable for reasoning about memory management in concurrent and distributed systems. the number of networked computers grows and the amount of sensitive information available on them grows as well there is an increasing need to ensure the security of these systems.

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our analyses emphasize two specific models of parallel computation--the ultracomputer and the paracomputer--but the general ideas and many of the results are much more widely applicable. our purpose in this dissertation is to develop new techniques for the efficient analysis and implementation of functional programs. learning problems in computer vision, natural language processing, computational biology, and other areas are often based on large data sets of thousands to millions of training instances. propose an unified pipeline for feature learning, recognition, localization and detection using convolutional networks (convnets) that can obtain state-of-the-art accuracy on a number of pattern recognition tasks, including acoustic modeling for speech recognition and object recognition in computer vision. dissertation presents a learning-based system for the detection, identification, localization, and measurement of various sub-cellular structures in microscopic images of developing embryos. in this dissertation we systematically examine the global optimization techniques available today to determine how these techniques can be used to aid the rapid, compile-time detection of program errors. thesis work for this dissertation explores the development of an extensible multimodal environment toolkit (emmet) for prototyping and remotely testing speech and gesture based multimodal interfaces to three-dimensional environments. our surface representation extends existing subdivision-based representations with explicit representation of sharp features and boundaries, which is crucial in many computer-aided design applications. first became operational in 1985 and has been extensively used for research and instruction on two generations of ultracomputer prototypes at nyu. the advent of vlsi, new opportunities in computer architecture are emerging. it is our hope that by building upon this thesis, along with the development of computationally efficient parallelizable quantifier elimination algorithms and the integration of different computer algebra tools, scientific software systems will emerge that fundamentally transform the way biochemical networks (and other hybrid automata) are analyzed. this dissertation addresses these issues by proposing a lazy debugging approach, which postpones investigation of debugging hypothesis until complete runtime history is available. in this dissertation, i present novel mechanisms for resource allocation and parallel computing on the web addressing these issues. we conclude that this method is not as efficient for parallel computers as for sequential ones. this thesis extends the computer vision applications of the complex-logarithmic geometry. in computer chess, minimax search with [image ] - [image ] pruning based on a simple evaluation function can beat a beginner handily. are a ubiquitous building block in computer science and related fields. a version that simulates parallelism runs on vax and sun minicomputers.

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algorithms and discussion presented here were developed for the purpose of improving healthcare, but are much more widely applicable, dealing with the very basic questions of identifiability and learning models with latent variables - a problem that lies at the very heart of the natural and social sciences. dissertation concentrates on principles: it states the lessons learned,And not merely the facts behind them. features are very important visual clues which make computer-generated imagery look less artificial. aspects and different settings to resolve ambiguity between entities are studied in this dissertation. dissertation investigates how a parallel system can view mess as an end-to-end system and leverage the application-specific properties of mess to address its requirements. three-dimensional geometric modeling in computer graphics is concerned with the representation, specification, and manipulation of free-form curves, surfaces, and volumes. our pedestrian simulator is also serving as the basis of a testbed for designing and experimenting with visual sensor networks in the field of computer vision. such models are used in many computer-aided design and computer graphics applications. order for writing:The easiest way to build a dissertation is inside-out. two primary hypotheses direct the bulk of the research presented: first, that it is possible to implement effective creativity support tools for literary art given current resource constraints; and second, that such tools, in addition to facilitating new forms of literary creativity, will provide unique opportunities for computer science education. whether we have neural spike trains in neuroscience, gene expression levels in systems biology, or stock price movements in finance, we want to determine why these systems behave the way they do. proximity problems arise in all fields of computer science, with broad application to computation geometry, machine learning, computational biology, data mining and the like. dissertation describes enhanced authentication mechanisms to tackle the challenges of each of the above settings. in this dissertation, we systematically study the structural properties of these two important complexity measures and the relationship between them. the method proposed in this dissertation consists in learning the entire processing chain {\em from end to end}, from raw pixels to ultimate object categories.: joint training of a neural network and a structured model for computer vision. dissertation investigates the nature of locality in service usage patterns for two well-known web services, and reports on the design, implementation, and evaluation of such a network intermediary architecture, named dataslicer. this dissertation is concerned with the use of feature-based match similarity measures and feature match algorithms in object detection and classification in the context of image understanding from complex signature data.

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language changes very rapidly, accompanying political, social and cultural trends, as well as the evolution of science and technology. the last few years, the probabilistic method has become an important tool in computer science and combinatorics. dissertation focuses on fast system development for information extraction (ie). this dissertation, we develop a new approach to destructive update analysis, called destructive effect analysis . in my dissertation, i show how the liberal use of fullweight processes, with the high, protective walls that surround them, sustains a modular design approach which in turn provides a strong defense against the main hazards of distributed computing, namely race conditions and deadlock, while preserving the luxury and convenience of programming in a truly high-level language. highly parallel shared-memory mimd machines such as the nyu ultracomputer have traditionally been regarded as suitable for large-scale scientific code, and not for more symbolic or heterogeneous concurrent applications such as are found in artificial intelligence or real-time programming.-level image priors and laplacian preconditioners for applications in computer graphics and computational photography. dissertation describes several systems and methodologies designed to operate in the developing world, using technologies and metaphors that are familiar to users and that are robust against the operating environments. second is the growth in the number of interelated processing centers because microcomputers and communication technology enable greater dispersion of organizations. this research explores a model for constructing representations of complex three-dimensional surfaces of real-world objects, such as sculptures in a museum, from sample points acquired with a special 3-d camera, and for synthesizing computer-generated pictures from this model. dissertation develops the concept of a zoomable user interface and identifies the design elements which are important to its viability as a successor to the desktop style of interface. dissertation presents novel approaches for rapidly training an ie system for a new domain or task based on both local and global evidence. the latter problem is largely unsolved and the principal subject of this dissertation. complex logarithm as a conformal mapping has drawn interest as a sensor architecture for computer vision due to its psuedo-invariance with respect to rotation and scaling, its high ratio of field width to resolution for a given number of pixels, and its utilization in biological vision as the topographic mapping from the retina to primary visual cortex.“an investigation of the effects of computer graphics on executive decision making in an inventory control environment”. dissertation presents a novel approach for the unsupervised discovery of extraction patterns for event extraction from raw text. computer technology is being driven by the hardware advances that have provided a constant and dramatic decrease in the cost of elementary hardware operations. in particular, real-time supervisory control systems will be needed to integrate an increasing number of sensors and actuators, as well as to communicate with other computers in a distributed environment.

this work is among the first to outperform human vision and establishes a new state of the art on some computer vision and speech recognition benchmarks. the balance consists of a description of a low-cost biometric terminal currently in use by ngos in india performing dots-based tuberculosis treatment, blacknoise, an investigation into the use of low-cost cameraphones with noisy imaging sensors for image-based steganography, and finally innoculous, a low-cost, crowdsourcing system for combating the spread of computer viruses, particularly among non-networked computers, while also collecting valuable "epidemiological" data. the applications range from highest-quality surfaces for manufacturing in cad, to believable animations of virtual creatures in special effects, to virtual worlds rendered in real-time in computer games. dissertation explores classes of compiler optimization techniques which are applicable late in the compilation process, after all executable code for a program has been linked. the computer-graphic problems of warping uniform scenes according to the complex logarithm and inversion of log-mapping scenes to recover the original uniform scene are considered, as is the problem of blending the resulting inverse log maps to reconstruct the original (uniform) scene. the goal of the query by humming program, humfinder, is to make a computer do what a person can do. segmentation of an image into homogeneously textured regions and the recognition of known texture patterns have been important tasks in computer vision. this dissertation describes two alternative approaches that bring us closer to solving the problem. sentence in a dissertation must be complete and correct in a. in this dissertation, we look at the problem of efficiently computing energy propagation at radio frequencies in a range of geometrically defined environments from a given transmitter location and for various transmitter and receiver characteristics. and garbage collection in ada programs on shared memory computers. of objects in computer graphics applications are represented by surfaces.“human factors in the design of a computer-assisted instruction system”. in addition to their use in large-scale projects by contemporary artists, they have provided effective support for multiple iterations of 'programming for digital art & literature', a successful inter-disciplinary computer science course taught by the author. this dissertation explores selection problems in two diverse domains: large personal multimedia collections, containing items such as personal photographs or songs, and camera positions for 3d objects, where each item is a different viewpoint observing an object.“an experiment in the teaching of programming language/one using computer assisted instruction”. since the performances of many of these algorithms achieve the lower bounds mentioned above, both models are extremely effective parallel computer systems. increasing demand for highly detailed geometric models poses new and important problems in computer graphics and geometric modeling.

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in this dissertation, we employed machine learning approaches to study two different views of this problem: 1) redundome, which explored the redundancy of gene pairs in the genome of arabidopsis thaliana, and 2) contactbind, which focused on functional divergence of transcription factors by mutating contact residues to change binding affinity. gyve was designed by philip shaw and is described in his dissertation (new york university, 1978). the system described in this dissertation is the key initial component of a fully automated phenotype analysis system. and science:A scientist avoids all political influence when assessing ideas. this dissertation presents several novel techniques for solving quantified formulas in smt. this notion of `commodity robotics' is expected to parallel the impact of the personal computer, in the sense of opening up new application niches for what has until now been expensive and therefore limited technology. in this dissertation we discuss many mathematical and algorithmic aspects of circle graphs. of the most important goals of computer vision research is object recognition. dissertation describes solutions for these problems, built into a programmable network infrastructure called composable adaptive network services (cans). this dissertation, we describe a family of extensions of ml.“a case grammar approach to error correction in computer programs”.“automated analysis of computer-generated software usage protocols: an exploratory study”. analysis of problems in computer algebra: grobner bases and the nullstellensatz. this dissertation, we solve the incompressible navier-stokes equations on a periodic cubic domain (3-torus). thesis describes a computer program for constructing a description of solid bodies from a set of n pictures of the bodies.: computer reconstruction of bodies bounded by quadric surfaces from a set of imperfect projections. a major reason is that the inherent complexities of programming applications and coordinating their execution on networked computers outweighs the advantages. dissertation examines bounded rationality as a tool in distributed systems of intelligent agents.

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advisor affiliations are given if the advisor was not on the unc department of computer science faculty. all these improvements, with addition of robust smt solver implementations, culminated with the acceptance of smt as a standard tool in the fields of automated reasoning and computer aided verification. phd dissertation is a lengthy, formal document that argues in defense. general, every statement in a dissertation must be supported either. such matrices arise in a number of computer graphics and computational photography problems such as image colorization, tone mapping and geodesic distance computation on 3d meshes. describe the symunix operating system for the nyu ultracomputer, a machine with hardware support for fetch&phi operations and combining of memory references. this dissertation proposes a number of new heuristics that solves several challenges. is no canonical organization for a dissertation; each is unique. their advantages are wide availability and cost-effectiveness, as compared to massively parallel computers. problem of model-based object recognition is a fundamental one in the field of computer vision, and represents a promising direction for practical applications. we extend kung and song's on-the-fly garbage collection algorithm to support multiple tasks on the nyu ultracomputer/ibm rp3 computers. b unless one has ruled out all differences in the computers' operating. large portion of computer graphics and human/computer interaction is concerned with the creation, manipulation and use of two and three dimensional objects existing in a virtual world. describe new algorithms and tools for generating paintings, illustrations, and animation on a computer. plays an indispensable role in designing reliable computer hardware and software systems. goal of this dissertation is to develop partial evaluation (program specialization) techniques specific to concurrent programs . the dissertation addresses many software engineering issues that arise when doing syntax-based smt using large corpora and lays out a object-oriented design for a translation toolkit. dissertation addresses the problem of dealing with large numbers of set-based patterns, such as association rules and itemsets, discovered by data mining algorithms.

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this dissertation poses practical solutions that are based on insights from the dance community and learning attributes from the motion data itself. combining switch was fabricated in 2 micron cmos for use in the 16 by 16 processor/memory interconnection network of the nyu ultracomputer prototype. second part of the dissertation analyses the worst-case complexity of two algorithms for isolating real roots of a square-free polynomial with real coefficients: the descartes method and akritas' continued fractions algorithm., but not deterred by these challenges, this dissertation visits the different aspects of these problems.“a methodology for the ergonomic design of interactive computer graphic systems, and its application to crystallography”. programs many times, each when the computer is otherwise idle). cybercrimes, including identity theft, phishing, and other attacks, are on the rise, and computer-assisted crimes such as theft and stalking are becoming commonplace. both for practicing artists and for pedagogy, the research presented directly addresses impediments to participation in the field for a diverse range of users and provides an end-to-end solution for courses attempting to engage the creative faculties of computer science students, and to introduce a wider demographic--from writers, to digital artists, to media and literary theorists --to procedural literacy and computational thinking. creation, manipulation and display of piecewise smooth surfaces has been a fundamental topic in computer graphics since its inception. in this dissertation, we consider the purely static problems of good grasp and fixture set synthesis, and explore their connection to problems in computational and combinatorial geometry. this dissertation addresses the problem in designing fast, scalable algorithms for the analysis of time series. dissertation presents the design and implementation of two very different censorship-resistant publishing systems. tools of computer science can be a tremendous help to the working biologist. dissertation presents an efficient and high-order boundary integral solver for the stokes equations in complex 3d geometries. of computer vision has been devoted to the question of representation through feature extraction. in addition, a computer-aided design system running on sun workstations has been implemented to help in the design. a graphic design measure, data density, is transformed into a computer science measure, token density. to make use of available computer resources, we distribute the computation, assigning evidence accumulation for a single hypothesis to one processor in a multiple processor and multiple workstation environment. Sitemap