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our international office will transfer international grades into a comparable german grade. are all the thesis topics professor siah hwee ang has supervised. term: special topics and competencies of international business and finance. students to apply their international business management skills and knowledge in their everyday work in order to create and extract value for their organizations.

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after accomplishing the compulsory advanced professional studies caps, you prepare your personal study plan (psp) for taking elective advanced professional studies eaps and free-choice studies to enhance your international business competencies. sub­mis­siona soft­copy of your fi­nal thesis needs to be sub­mit­ted via up­load to learn@wu for pla­gi­ar­ism in­spec­tion. and master thesesif you have de­cided to write your bach­elor or mas­ter thesis at the in­sti­tute for in­ter­na­tional busi­ness, please con­tact the cor­res­pond­ing pro­fessor or assist­ant for fur­ther in­form­a­tion or to sug­gest your own topic. fur­ther in­form­a­tion, click here: bach­elor, mas­terwe wish you the best of luck for a suc­cess­ful com­ple­tion of your thesis pro­ject and hope that you will be­ne­fit from this ex­per­i­ence.

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pro­posalif you are con­fid­ent that you ful­fill all re­quire­ments, we in­vite you to send an email to the fol­low­ing fac­ulty mem­ber: ver­ena patock with a writ­ten thesis pro­posal at­tached (ac­cep­ted file formats: *. other ee firms’ experience (wu weiwei; bachelor of commerce (honours)othersknowledge outflow of mnc subsidiaries: dual network perspective (zaidah mustaffa; phd)born globals and early stage venture capital: a review of the current literature and implications (david anker; master of international business)building successful business relationships with chinese firms: bridging culture gaps between new zealand and chinese firms (internship with uniservices, university of auckland) (avantika gupta; master of bioscience enterprise)acculturative stress among chinese immigrants in new zealand (fei cai; master of commerce)supply and value chain analysis for new zealand colostrum products exported to china (internship with new zealand trade and enterprise) (ding ning; master of international business)free trade agreements and internationalisation of new zealand technology smes (konstantin selitskiy; master of international business)impact of international diversification on shareholders’ wealth: transaction cost and agency theory perspectives (natalie au; bachelor of commerce (honours)geographical dispersion and sales network efficiency (internship with fonterra) (deng wei; master of international business)ethical methods in competitive intelligence: a cross-cultural study (glen slater; master of international business)impact of subsidiary affiliations on exporting and diversification behaviour (lou nan; master of commerce)international expansion through fdi: impacts of organizational life cycle and unabsorbed organizational slack (jason huang; master of commerce)reputation and brandscreating a competitive advantage for small nations through branding (internship with interbrand) (tom warden; master of international business)from familiarity to intimacy: the heart of brand relationships in internal brand management (richard liaw; master of management)reputation asymmetry on opportunism in strategic alliances: an integrated perspective (glenn degama; bachelor of commerce (honours)the effect of vendor size and reputation on outsourcing deals awarded (zeng xiaoxia; master of commerce)biotechnology and relatedchallenges faced by small new zealand biotechs during product development: a qualitative study (internship with mp biomedicals) (victoria lam; master of bioscience enterprise)financial decision making and investments of ahu whenua trusts: an exploratory study’ (internship with uniservices, university of auckland) (tamsin hiria simpson bateman; master of bioscience enterprise)intellectual property strategy in new zealand’s bioenergy sector: an exploratory study (internship with baldwins intellectual property) (harriet mcintosh sandstad; master of bioscience enterprise)industry-academic collaboration in dairy functional food and bioactives industry (internship with new image group limited) (ellise woon sze yin; master of bioscience enterprise)founder succession in biotechnology firms (internship with kerridge & partners) (wared seger; master of bioscience enterprise)protecting intellectual property and appropriating value from natural health product innovations (internship with biopacific ventures) (awarded the nzte best thesis award) (stephanie marshall; master of bioscience enterprise)value creation and the role of collaborations, patents and licensing (internship with uniservices, university of auckland) (awarded the nzte best thesis award) (ashlee van der heyden; master of bioscience enterprise)new zealand’s place in the biofuels world: a comparative analysis of potential feedstocks (internship with new zealand trade and enterprise) (nicole chen; master of bioscience enterprise)biotech business models and their alliance capital: a quantitative analysis of the biopharmaceutical industry (internship with ernst & young germany) (raphael greiner; master of bioscience enterprise)the value chain sweet spot (internship with new zealand trade and enterprise) (tom brothers; master of bioscience enterprise)evaluation criteria of business opportunities: comparison of biotechnology and high-technology sectors (internship with cranleigh investments) (sue cho; master of bioscience enterprise)making dollars and sense: analysis of business models in the new zealand human health biotechnology sector (internship with new zealand trade and enterprise) (tim mccready; master of bioscience enterprise)the impact of venture capital syndication on biotechnology company outcomes (yeung yat wan; master of commerce)."ex­am­iner" of your thesis is al­ways prof. are herestudents' guide degree programmes degree programme in international business management, helsinki pasila campus, master education.

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strengthen your international management, finance and leadership skills - as required in today’s challenging global markets - the program leverages an excellent, up-to-date teaching environment and skills at our augsburg university of applied sciences. programme in international business management, helsinki pasila campus, master education. professional growth in ibma has three phases: caps, eaps and master’s thesis. goal of ibma is to develop students’ international business management competences through variety of work development methods and tools, international business management courses, and through tutoring them in an applied research and work development project as their master's thesis.

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al­though it is not ob­lig­at­ory, we re­com­mend com­plet­ing the course "wis­senschaft­liches arbeiten" (scien­ti­fic work) be­fore ap­ply­ing for a thesis. the master’s thesis (30 ects) is a work development project that is related to challenges in international business management of an organization. investment banking), international management and corporate strategy theories, topics and case studies we have been faced with a massive growth of applications and students and could position our master as one of the international university benchmark programs. puck, & their teams(fisch, nell, puck, brindlmayer, herzog, puhr, schwai­ger, de­cre­ton, klopf, kra­tochvil, schmitt, klein, kun­czer, lind­ner, putzham­mer)pro­fess­ors fisch, nell, and puck & their assist­ants reg­u­larly pub­lish a list of top­ics that are cur­rently avail­able to work on in a bach­elor or mas­ter thesis on the iib web­site.

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the thesis, as an applied research and development project, is a substantial part of the studies to be implemented in close collaboration between the students, their workplace and haaga-helia uas.­ter stu­dents are sup­posed to pos­sess good aca­demic writ­ing skills due to their pre­vi­ous stud­ies (bach­elor thesis, sem­inar pa­pers, etc. university of applied sciences augsburg diploma and possibility for a double-degree with paris esce and further international partners. unique, modern and smart learning environment: intensive lectures in an international peer-group, class room discussions, term paper,….

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­mis­sion of your fi­nal thesisup­load the fi­nal ver­sion of your thesis to learn@wu.­sure that your thesis is com­plete, signed, and in­cludes the "deckblatt" (click here: bach­elor, mas­ter). graduation you will possess an internationally recognized degree called master of business administration that is a master’s degree awarded by haaga-helia university of applied sciences. requirements:Compulsory advanced professional studies (caps), elective advanced professional studies (eaps) & free-choice studies, master's thesis including workshops 1 & 2 and maturity test.

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:Ibma has an international learning environment as the students and teachers have international background and work experience. pro­posal must be writ­ten in good aca­demic eng­lish, it should be spe­cific, well-­struc­tured, ap­prox­im­ately 2-3 pages long, provide an over­view of the topic and re­lated lit­er­at­ure, and needs to in­clude the fol­low­ing in­form­a­tion:your con­tact in­form­a­tion (full name, email ad­dress, and phone num­ber)a work­ing titlea brief de­scrip­tion of the topicrefer­ences of rel­ev­ant lit­er­at­urea state­ment how your topic ties in with one or more of the re­search areas of our teamre­search ques­tion(s) and re­search ob­ject­ive(s)in­ten­ded meth­od­o­logytimeline for your thesis pro­jectcom­plete bib­li­o­graphyin­com­plete pro­pos­als will not be con­sidered for re­view and will be re­jec­ted. „international business & finance (ibf)“ master program is a full-time, truly global program, which will inspire and challenge you over 18 months as you develop strategic, financial, business and leadership capabilities.. to learn, work, discuss and shape decicions in an international context.

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  therefore our vision is to assist student to become “sought after personalities”, bridging the gap between first class theory competencies and a good sense for global business reality. according our “classroom theory matches corporate world” concept lectures will be framed by presentations, research projects, master thesis, company visits and discussions with blue chip corporates, investment banks, m&a advisers and strategy consultancies (our so-called: “blue chips lectures series”). students are expected to act as facilitators and leaders of change by applying in practice their international business knowledge that will make them and their organizations competitive players in international business. bach­elor and mas­ter stu­dents are re­quired to care­fully read our thesis guide in order to be aware of our ex­pect­a­tions as well as for some sug­ges­tions regard­ing the ac­tual pro­cess of con­duct­ing re­search.

the increased demand of organizations for employees with practical and current international business knowledge and competencies,Provide a career opportunity for bachelor graduates by continuing and upgrading their education in international business management, and to. programme in aviation and tourism business, pasila campus, master education. programme in international business management, helsinki pasila campus, master education contact uscourse listrecommended study schedulestructure, content and extent of the degree programmestudy paths. in one hard­copy of your thesis at the in­sti­tute.

due to its up-to date program design and its focus on international corporate finance, mergers & acquisitions, international banking (incl. please en­sure that the sub­ject of your email con­tains the term thesis pro­posal. 3: tools for analysing and forecasting; leadership communication; and internationalization of the firm. en­sure that your thesis is com­plete, signed, and in­cludes the "deckblatt" (click here: bach­elor, mas­ter).

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programme in international business management, helsinki pasila campus, master education.­com­men­dedfor bach­elor stu­dents we highly re­com­mend com­plet­ing the course found­a­tions of scien­ti­fic re­search (prefer­ably in eng­lish) be­fore em­bark­ing on a thesis pro­ject..Bnz chair in business in asia - supervised thesis topics.. dikova & her team(dikova, hein­richs, ips­miller, schönung)by ap­point­ment as well as ir­reg­u­larly through the joint thesis ap­point­ment men­tioned below.

1: applied research and development; project management; and international talent management. taking a practical approach to learning - such as workshops, exercises, lectures, thesis work, and other student-centered activities - ibma creates a learning context where students are expected and able to integrate their work experience with their international business studies. please note that after the fi­nal sub­mis­sion of your thesis the evalu­ation pro­cess can take up to one month for a bach­elor and two months for a mas­ter thesis. based on the qual­ity of your pro­posal, a fi­nal de­cision on thesis su­per­vi­sion will be taken.

working on the thesis starts from the very beginning of the studies.­ful linkscom­plet­ing your thesisjournal of in­ter­na­tional busi­ness stud­ies (jibs) style guidevhb journal rank­ingwu lib­rarywu journal rank­ingiib studiesmaster program mim/cemssbwl international businessdoctoral programbachelor and master thesesservicethis website uses cookies for analytical purposes for optimizing our systems and to improve your user experience. we spe­cific­ally ex­pect that you take re­spons­ib­il­ity in view of time man­age­ment and all aspects re­lated to the fi­nal sub­mis­sion of your thesis:time man­age­mentstu­dents are re­spons­ible for man­aging the time they spend on their thesis pro­ject. sub­mis­sion dead­line for a thesis pro­posal is the last day of each month.
you will as well work in a truly international setting and a global peer group. programme in international sales and marketing, porvoo campus (students who have started their studies before 1. ibma focuses on international business management challenges through individual and group assignments and the master’s degree thesis. fur­ther­more, one hard­copy of your thesis needs to be han­ded in at our in­sti­tute. Sitemap