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can i request an embargo on access to my master's thesis? there is no extra confirmation when you have uploaded a file of the type 'master's thesis'. please note you need to submit 3 filled in, printed and signed copies of this checklist, together with the thesis (not bound but inserted to the thesis), to the student secretariat. the basis of the thesis topic, the vice dean for education and the director of the international programme assign two additional thesis readers. students enrolled in the thesis year apply the same deadlines like for regular students. the section 'master's thesis', select the thesis for which you would like to upload information (metadata or files). is a manual for the ku loket application master's thesis.

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in this case, please use the regular form for the 'thesis report 1: outline' (word). (students of the faculty of economics and business, campuses leuven and antwerp, must submit the electronic copy of their master's thesis using a different application. maximum size of the pdf file containing your master's thesis is 40 mb. from the paper copies you are required to submit an electronic copy of your master's thesis as well, using the web application 'master's thesis' in your ku loket.. in this case, you will need to submit the thesis anyhow and you will fill in the checklist in our office). is important to get a thesis supervisor (in dutch: a promotor) as early as possible.. re-enrolled for the thesis) may defend their thesis in the first exam session.

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having saved the metadata you can upload your files (master's thesis and appendices). the thesis electronically (as a pdf file) in ku loket.: keep in mind that you can enroll for the thesis only two times (so in two academic years). the master’s thesis has the weight of 24 credits in calculation of the overall percentage for the programme. your master's thesis for some reason cannot be disclosed to the public, you can request an embargo by submitting this form. the following metadata via ku loket: language (english), title, supervisor, number of pages and summary (abstract). you already uploaded another file of the type 'master's thesis'?

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it is no longer required that you upload your thesis in turnitin yourself. following two forms have to be submitted as part of master’s thesis requirement. (or in other words: you will be not allowed to resubmit the thesis ‘a few hours’ later if upon submission you ‘discover’ you forgot about the checklist and your thesis has no page numbers, e. can obviously submit no more than one file of the type 'master's thesis'. if so, you can no longer submit your master's thesis. you submit the thesis, you need to check the ma thesis formal criteria checklist (word, 54,3 kb) to make sure your thesis meets all the formal criteria. most programmes at ku leuven it is required to submit a hard copy (in paper) of your master's thesis.

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repository: master's theses are recorded by the university library, and disclosed through limo (only for limo users within the ku leuven network). you continue working on the same subject with the same supervisor, please use the specific form: 'thesis year progress report' (word). if after that you still do not succeed in uploading your thesis, contact your faculty. information on this matter can be found on your faculty's student portal, as well as other practical guidelines with regard to submitting your thesis (deadlines, formal requirements, etc. are strongly encouraged to consult this list when choosing the topic of their thesis and the supervisor.: the electronic copy is used to be read by the evaluators of your thesis. if you are enrolled for only one master's thesis, this field will automatically contain the correct information.Good thesis statement for brave new world

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if you have booked a master's thesis in your isp this application will be shown under the 'student' menu. can i submit the electronic copy of my master's thesis? for a defence in the third (september) examination session, the student submits the final draft of the thesis on a date agreed upon with the supervisor but the student should keep in mind that the supervisor may not be available for feedback for a period in july and/or august. 1 a4 page), a provisional table of contents, and a work plan, as well as the student’s name, email address and indication of which enrolment of the student for the thesis it is. the third registration for the thesis is always refused since your cumulative study efficiency will be below 50% if you don't submit the thesis after twee registrations (academic years). students who want to do so must submit their thesis at the latest on friday, 16 december 2016, 5 p. profile describes what a student may and may not expect from a good supervisor and what a supervisor may expect from a good thesis student.I don t know how to write a dissertation

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order to defend the thesis in the second (june) examination session and receive the feedback of the supervisor on time before submission, the student is recommended to submit to the supervisor the final draft of the thesis to gain an approval for submission at latest two weeks before submission of the thesis. supervisor and the two readers each give a grade (on a scale of 20) on the basis of the quality of the thesis text and of the defense; the three grades are averaged for the final grade. passing for the master's thesis (the averaged grade) means not passing for the programme as such. theses submitted via ku loket will be automatically uploaded in turnitin (software system for plagiarism check)./mphil/research ma thesis - which format shall i follow? in mind: no submission deadline extension will be allowed if your thesis does not comply with the criteria upon submission! will i receive a confirmation that my master's thesis was uploaded?

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should also consult:The summary (pdf, 283 kb) of the ma thesis requirements, submission, defence, evaluation criteria and grading scale. detection: all master's theses at ku leuven are systematically screened for signs of plagiarism. report includes include a title, name of the supervisor, brief description of the thesis (max. if you are taking a thesis year, you therefore need to submit the thesis in this academic year. thesis that is not submitted as required (as set out above), by the deadline (date and time), will not be accepted for submission. part of the master's thesis requirement, students must attend the thesis workshop  and the thesis fair organised at  the beginning of the academic year, as well as the library session, the workshop on delivering a presentation and the sesssion on plagiarism (see the calendar for the times and dates). guidelines and rules on thesis topic proposals, content, reporting and evaluation can be found here and here.

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can only upload files of the types 'master's thesis' and 'appendix', as well as metadata regarding the summary and the number of pages, in the weeks prior to the submission deadline. guidelines for students enrolled in the thesis year:Thesis report 1: outline. a detailed list has been compiled of staff members, their areas of specialisation, and possible thesis topics they would be willing to supervise..Please note that the thesis has to be submitted to the student secretariat by the given date and time (in hard copy and electronically in ku loket) or else it will not be accepted for submission. the deadlines for submission of the ma thesis the student:Submits 3 printed and bound copies of the thesis to the student secretariat. in the metadata of your master's thesis, and subsequently click 'save' at the bottom of the page. are required to include the title page in their thesis. 95 theses rap meaning

the original title of your thesis will be shown on official documents such as your diploma supplement and academic transcript. same instructions like for students enrolled for the first time for the thesis. 'number of pages', enter the number of pages of your thesis (excluding appendices). choose 'master's thesis' if you want to submit the main text of your thesis. during the last week of the exam session (and after the other exams), a thesis defence is held (always on friday), at which the student has the opportunity to further clarify her/his methods and findings in discussion with the supervisor and the readers. of a good thesis supervisor and a good thesis student. you also need to indicate whether you have already submitted parts of the thesis to your supervisor as well as in which exam session you are planning to submit your thesis. Write a good thesis statement for an essay Sitemap