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big data concerns massive data sets in the range of exabytes — highly variable, complex, and growing data sets from multiple data sources with difficulties of storing, analyzing, and visualizing for further processes. for that reason, this work aims to juxtapose the elk stack in opposition to related search-based data discovery tools and to crystallize out its key features and capabilities by conducting a structured literature review and a descriptive study. from historical plant data can help improving the operation of industrial plants.

Master thesis big data

programme educates top-level experts in computational and statistical data analysis, who possess knowledge and skills for the aforementioned tasks and understand the overall processes of data analysis. abb will provide you with wide-ranging, professional and expert support to help you complete your thesis., a vast number of big data technology vendors has emerged providing technologies to support companies for harnessing the intended value of big data.

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    goal of this master’s thesis is to assess the applicability of the elk stack for various big data use cases. however, data - assumed to be an important asset for organizations - is useless unless it is analyzed. organizations in both the public and private sector are collecting vast data sets, and an increasing amount of public sector data is made open.
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    these characteristics indicate strengths and weaknesses of the elk stack and provide guidance for better decision making in big data technology adoption. your thesis or internship you will support our research project in the prototypical development of big data analytics applications for industrial control systems., enterprises have recently entered a new era which is characterized by the exploration of big data to uncover yet unreachable knowledge.
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    the result of big data analytics underpins new waves of productivity growth, innovation, and becomes a key basis for competition. consist of lectures and seminars on theoretical and methodological questions, and supervised individual research for a master´s thesis. needs activities such as data cleansing, data integration, modeling and prediction, interactive and iterative visualization of data and models for the refinement of hypotheses and models, and the presentation of intermediate and final results to the decision-makers using visualization and reporting methods.
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this provides great opportunity for the use of machine learning approaches and big data technologies in industrial control systems, in order to better predict and manage plant behaviour. here, you will be working with big data technologies such as hadoop and spark to build a big data analytics system, or alternatively, visualization technologies such as d3 and html5 to build innovative guis for visualizing data analytics results. analysis of data has a central role in the modern information society.

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expand your network now, and learn about our company as you undertake a practically focused thesis or internship. the approval of your university, you can complete your bachelor or master’s degree by spending three or six months with us as you work on a practically focused thesis. it helps to glean actionable insights from almost any type of structured and unstructured data from almost any data source and faces the daunting task of harnessing the intended value of big data.

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job reference: iese-2017-3 closing date: back apply © fraunhofer-gesellschaft contact publishing notes data protection policy. of tampere:Master's degree programmes offered in english:Master's degree programmes offered in english ».., sonarqube)previous programming experience to integrate tools into the q-rapids platforminterest in learning big data open source technologies to collect and analyze data (e.

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such analysts can be employed in analysis firms, as in-house analysts in companies producing big data, and in companies and organizations that gather and analyze public and private data including government, journalism, insurance, law enforcement, and finance, as well as in public and private research. / bachelor thesis / internship (m/f) big data analytics system for industrial plants. the process of researching massive amounts of data reveals hidden patterns and enables companies to gain richer and deeper insights into invaluable information.

What are some good topics for a master's thesis on big data or

's degree programme in computational big data analytics (120 ects credits). then complete an internship with us, or come to us to write your thesis. ects of advanced studies including the master's thesis, 35 ects of other studies (including language and complementing studies).

the open-source elasticsearch, logstash, and kibana (elk) stack developed by elastic is a search-based data discovery tool that provides a promising set of tools that can be used for near real-time analytics and fast full-text searches. the total amount of historical plant data gathered can easily sum up to several gigabytes every month. software engineering, software quality, rapid/agile software development, big datatype theory (30%); implementation (70%) fraunhofer is europe’s largest application-oriented research organization.

Master / Bachelor Thesis / Internship (m/f) Big Data Analytics System

within the huge big data vendor landscape, companies seek end-to-end solutions that can store, analyze, and visualize mass data quickly and reliably. worker (hiwi) or master thesis "big data for software quality measurement in rapid software development"   what we expect from you interest in learning tools for software quality (e. with the rapid development of networking, data storage, and data collection capacity, big data is now swiftly expanding in various domains, including manufacturing, healthcare, and retail, by the increasing volume and detail of information captured by companies, the rise of social media, and the internet of things.

Student worker (HiWi) or Master Thesis "Big Data for Software

title: master / bachelor thesis / internship (m/f) big data analytics system for industrial plants. the collected data to provide information about quality issues to managers. then complete an internship with us, or come to us to write your thesis.

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., apache spark)startas soon as possible what you can expect from us the data engineering department at fraunhofer iese is currently doing research on the problems of integrating data both structured and unstructured in a complementary way, in order to provide more valuable information about the current state and future trends to decision makers. the idea of this work is to:study potential tools containing data about quality issues (e.• you have knowledge in big data and/or data visualization technologies. Sitemap