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works particularly well, of course, when the student gets to work hand in hand with a company. you are in need of counselling or help on how to approach a company, please do not hesitate to contact us. it goes without saying that students are given extensive support during their studies from experts at the company. if the compensation for the thesis work is paid as a single payment, an amount of a minimum of 7000€ is recommended. of using this approach: you will have no problem formulating a specific problem statement you will get a direct feed into the company's data and experiences you will gain access to other relevant sources you will get positive feedback from the company throughout the whole writing process your assignment will be of practical relevance to the company you can find projects by following this link: au job and projectbank.

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order to present an idea on what you could do for the company in your thesis, you need to do your research on what they do. approaching a company for a project collaboration is like applying for a job."find a company that you are interested in and approach them". there are several advantages of writing a thesis in co-operation with a company:you create valuable contacts with the business world and increase your professional qualifications while finishing your studies at the same timeyou get compensation for the work done, the minimum requirement is to get compensation for necessary expensesyou get to solve a real problem and participate in the planning and development of real arrangements, services or products in an organizationyou get supervision and guidance from several directions, which makes it easier to get through cases of writer’s blockyou get the chance to promote your knowledge outside the academic worldyou get information about thesis positions e. at the end of the thesis-work period, both supervisors complete the project evaluation form and sign for approval of submission of the thesis.

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read below for more information about suggested compensation and look up what the compensation policy is at your institution or facultydo not promise the employer anything before checking with your thesis supervisor that your subject and research plan can be accepted as a master’s dissertationprepare yourself well also when contacting your institution. Telekom gives students the opportunity to write their master's thesis within the company. barakat and rebin hosini wrote their thesis previous spring term at iamip and now work at the company. it is not enough that the company finds it relevant for their own purposes; it must be relevant for you as well. the better your preparations, the better you can present your knowledge in a convincing wayto write a thesis is a job – approach the position as if you were applying for a jobconduct some background research on the company that offers you a thesis commission.

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Master thesis at a company

 one of the important requirements of the programme is that students prepare a master thesis, which entails working on a real-life project. by doing so, you increase your chances of offering interesting and relevant perspectives on the thesis subject, which is likely to make a greater impact on the employertell the employer why you are interested in writing your thesis at their company in particular, and what they can gain for offering you the position. tipsno matter how you find your thesis commission, the following tips help you in the process:prepare yourself well. they presented several tips on how you can do to write your master's or bachelor's thesis at a company. we dare to hope that you are willing to propose specific projects, (which can be accomplished at your institute or company by one or more of our students).

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are Arian Barakat's and Resini Hosini's best tips on how to write your thesis at a company. think broadly - if you like ice cream, why not contact an ice cream company? "you get to establish or build your network of contacts at the company, as well as an insight into the group," says patrick heiermann, who is now working on his thesis after completing two internships with the company. whether it's a diploma, bachelor's or master's thesis, many university students want to hand in a piece of work that offers real benefits; scientific research coupled with practical relevance. thesis writer can get compensation for the work done either as salary, as a one-time compensation or as compensation for necessary expenses.

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your thesis at a company news archive printer-friendly versionstudies/student services/career services/jobs: vacancies and advice/writing your thesis at a companywriting your thesis at a companythe interest in writing the master’s dissertation at a company is constantly increasing. interest in writing the Master’s dissertation at a company is constantly increasing.- be clear from the beginning when talking with the company that you need to write in a certain way at the university, and try to find a balance, says arian barakat. overall, do your best, since the thesis might at best lead to a permanent positionyou are welcome to come and discuss your plans or potential employers with us at career services! here at the department of statistics we are in contact with several companies that cooperate with students writing their thesises.

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since the project is an integral part of the programme, the students are supported by hasselt university and need neither funding nor insurance from your institution/company. please consider: the practicality of a certain theory what kind of job you would like after graduation how the project can lead you into the field of business that you are interested in how you can connect to the people that inspire and motivate you professionally the thesis will not just mark the end of your studies, but it will be a conscious move towards your dream job.· why should the company collaborate with you – what are your 3 main arguments? in addition to the company supervision every student will be assigned a uhasselt supervisor.. traveling or postage costs when conducting interviews or surveysthe employer can offer the student a possibility to use office or use the enterprises facilities when writing the thesisthe writer must present receipts when billing the employer for expensesthesis compensation suggestionswhen a student is hired to write his or her master’s thesis at a company, suomen ekonomit recommends a salary of minimum of 2400€/month (2014).

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writing your thesis in collaboration with a company it is essential that you consider what makes your problem statement relevant. but how do i get started with my thesis at the company? success of the master thesis heavily relies on the participation of high-profile industrial, academic, and research environments. the successful thesis might even be in line for a reward from the department. student wants to write their thesis only for it to end up gathering dust.

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company will benefit from you writing your thesis with them, especially since they don't have to pay for it. here are their best tips on how to write your master's or bachelor's thesis in statistics at a company. There are several advantages of writing a thesis in co-operation with a company:Universiteit hasselt - knowledge in action. it comes to ideas for your thesis, it is better to start looking for a problem that you want to solve instead of looking for a topic to write about, rebin hosini and arian barakat stated. this offers students the ideal opportunity to learn more about the company, its fields, and focus topics.

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the most effective way to find a thesis commission is however to contact potential employers directly.· why and how is this project going to improve the company in the end?"find a company that you are interested in and approach them". unique way of approaching your master's thesis is to write it in collaboration with a company."for example, patrick heiermann and his supervisor at deutsche telekom looked for a topic that would both be of interest to the business management student and advance the company.

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any extra project work related to the thesis that the employer might benefit from should be taken into consideration when agreeing upon payment. please consider:· what specific problem statement interests you in connection to this company? first thing you need to do is reach out to a company that interests you. you have to write in an academic way at the department of statistics, and the company might want a less academic language you will have to find a balance in your writing. career services recommends that you and your employer comply with the following principles and suggestions:  working conditions and one-time compensationcareer services recommends that you make an employment contract and get compensation according to the contract conditionswriting your thesis at a company is considered regular employment, and e.

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