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it is designed to introduce to the world of doctoral study in political science those undergraduate students from under-represented racial and ethnic groups or those interested in broadening participation in political science and pursuing scholarship on issues affecting under-represented groups. schiumerini, phd awarded 2015 (comparative politics, quantitative methods, and political economy), website. political science program supports scientific research that advances knowledge and understanding of citizenship, government, and politics. uswelcomethe schoolfaculty membersphd studentsstaffalumniphd labscontact usdoctoral programstructure of the programstages of the programprogram requirementsminorssupervisiondoctoral regulationsstudent issuestrackscomparative politics trackpolitical economy trackpolitical theory trackinternational relations trackpublic policy trackmodular doctoral programcourseslist of coursescourse categoriescurriculumcourse scheduleacademic workshopsresearchdoctoral dissertationspublicationsannual doctoral conferencesgraduate network conferencesresearch groupsresearch centersdepartmental doctoral seminarsinternational partnersevents&newseventsnewsgoogle calendaracademic calendarfundingceu financial aidthematic scholarshipsexternal fundingtuitions and feesapply now! job search to skill search: political economy of labor migration in central and eastern europe.

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my research agenda is motivated by a central question: what are the political arrangements that promote security and prosperity in developing societies, and what causes such arrangements to arise or break down? lierl, phd awarded 2015 (comparative politics, political economy, development personal) website.. expected may, 2017 (comparative politics, political economy of development, quantitative methods) website. there are also many outside organizations that provide important sources of funding and support for political science faculty and students. committee:Paul roe (supervisor, ceu)tamas meszerics (ceu)helene sjursen (external member, professor, faculty of social sciences, arena centre for european studies, university of oslo) xymena kurowska (chair, ceu).

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Doctoral dissertations in political science

information on the political science program, we invite you to also look at the sbe office of multidisciplinary activities (sma) web site. republican strategies for ‘civic virtue’ and the notion of political obligation., game players and political action: normativity and practical reasoning of brazil and india in international politics. these grants include the faculty early career development program, the graduate research fellowship program, political science doctoral dissertation research improvement program, and the nsf sbe postdoctoral research fellowships. on divergence: the political economy of uneven regional development in east central europe (1990-2014). Writing a thesis statement research paper 

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i specialize in modern european political thought, critical theory, and democratic theory. political science program now has its own solicitation for doctoral dissertation research improvement grants which may be accessed via the political science doctorate dissertation research improvement grants (ps ddrig) program website. ssrc awards fellowships, grants and prizes to social science researchers and students in a range of disciplines. effects across the globe: does political knowledge matter, and how do we know it?'s mission is to advance the progress of science, a mission accomplished by funding proposals for research and education made by scientists, engineers, and educators from across the country.

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substantive areas include, but are not limited to, american government and politics, comparative government and politics, international relations, political behavior, political economy, and political institutions. committee:andrea krizsan (supervisor, voting member, ceu) nikolai sitter (voting member, ceu)tommaso vitale (external member, voting member, science po, centre d’études européennes)viola zentai (chair, non-voting member, ceu). my research is forthcoming at perspectives on politics, and has been invited to revise and resubmit to the journal of conflict resolution and to the british journal of political science.  i also received an honorable mention for the best paper in law and courts award from the american political science association in 2013. committee:Andrew cartwright (supervisor, ceu)tamas meszerics (ceu)harlan koff (external member, associate professor of political science, university of luxembourg)marie-pierre granger (chair, ceu).


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competent citizens: the role of predispositions and political context in comparative perspective. committee:Matteo fumagalli (supervisor, ceu - voting member)andras bozoki (ceu - voting member)stefano bottoni ( external voting member - hungarian academy of science)nenad dimitrijevic (chair ceu - non voting member). on political science applications of the mixture index of fit. all doctoral dissertations submitted to the doctoral school must make a significant and original contribution to the knowledge and understanding of their subject. committee:Erin jenne (supervisor, ceu)matteo fumagalli (ceu)sherrill stroschein (external member, senior lecturer in politics, department of political science, school of public policy, university college london)paul roe (chair, ceu).

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fund awards grants to initiatives that identify and encourage promising latino/a undergraduates to enter the profession of political science; provide professional opportunities and financial assistance to latino/a graduate students in political science programs; support the teaching, research and publishing activities of junior-level, tenure track latino/a political science faculty; and support activities that advance our knowledge of latino/a politics.: three essays on the behavioral political economy of government spending (advisors list: alan s. centennial center for political science and public affairs assists apsa members with a wide selection of funds to assist with the costs of research, including travel, interviews, and access to archives. honohan (university college dublin)janos kis (philosophy and political science, ceu)petr lom (supervisor). committee:Andras bozoki (ceu supervisor voting member)lea sgier (ceu external voting member)john higley (external voting member - university of austin texas)carsten schneider (ceu - chair of the committee)andras korosenyi (informal member of the committee - hungarian academy of sciences).

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Political Science Theses and Dissertations | Political Science

minority fellowship program is for individuals from under-represented backgrounds applying to or in the early stages of doctoral programs in political science. beyond political commitments: explaining diverging outputs in the use of european structural funds for roma inclusion strategies in spain and slovakia. alton jones professor of philosophy, professor of law, and professor of political science vanderbilt university, nashville, tennessee usa)janos kis (ceu)zoltan miklosi (chair, ceu). drawing on extensive fieldwork and a field experiment implemented in 260 local governments, i show that political oversight over the local bureaucracy has the potential to improve service delivery even in the hard case of an electoral autocracy, as long as a modicum of party competition exists. committee:Dorothee bohle (supervisor, ceu)bela greskovits (ceu)miroslav stanojevic (external member, university of ljubljana, faculty of social sciences)thomas fetzer (chair, ceu).

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neh awards include projects in the social sciences that have a humanistic bent and use humanistic methods. nsf funds a variety of grants related to research and professional development in the social sciences. congressional fellowship program is a 9-month fellowship that gives political scientists first-hand insights into u. nys (professor of law, university of leuven)gábor juhász (professor of social policy, elte)csilla kollonay-lehoczky (professor of law, ceu)anton pelinka (professor of political science, ceu) judit sándor (professor of political science and law, ceu supervisor). research has won two awards from the american political science association – the best fieldwork award by the comparative democratization section and a honorable mention for best graduate student paper in african affairs – as well as competitive grants from egap, hewlett foundation, and the international growth center.

Master thesis behavioral finance, fragmented societies: state-building and political integration in chechnya and ingushetia (1991-2009). recent years, program awards have supported research projects on bargaining processes; campaigns and elections, electoral choice, and electoral systems; citizen support in emerging and established democracies; democratization, political change, and regime transitions; domestic and international conflict; international political economy; party activism; political psychology and political tolerance. drawing on 20th century german political thought, my research challenges contemporary understandings of sovereign territoriality. committee:gabor toka (supervisor, ceu)levente littvay (ceu)henrik ekengren oscarsson (external member, swedish national election studies program (snes), som institute and political science department, university of gothenburg)zsolt enyedi (chair, ceu). my dissertation examines the differential impact of civil war on widespread ‘secret society’ organizations in west africa and traces subsequent levels of women’s local and national political integration. Harvard referencing doctoral dissertation - (vivek) ashok, phd expected may 2017 (american politics, political economy, methodology) website. data collection for this project, including twelve months of fieldwork in sierra leone and liberia, received support from the national science foundation and the yale macmillan center. i use large field experiments implemented in collaboration with government agencies, political parties, and civil society in combination with behavioral and qualitative methods to address one overarching question: how can political accountability be strengthened in settings where many of the core assumptions of existing theories – informed voters, institutional checks and balances, and a professional bureaucracy – are not met? research addressing this puzzle has been quick to note that these competing trends invalidate a seminal model in political economy advanced by meltzer and richard (1981). american political science association awards grants, fellowships, and scholarships with the aim of advancing education and research in political science..

drawing on twelve months of fieldwork brazil, argentina, and chile, as well as on my own survey and natural experiments, i show that political institutions – budget control, party systems, and electoral rules – are key factors in whether incumbency helps or hurts office-holders. choices during system change: peak level unions and their struggles for political relevance in post-socialist slovenia, serbia and poland. this page you can browse, read and download the doctoral dissertations submitted at the doctoral school of political science, public policy and international relations since september 2009. committee:Dorothee bohle (supervisor, ceu)bela greskovits (ceu)laszlo bruszt (external, professor, department of political and social sciences, european university institute)thomas fetzer (chair, ceu). committee:Bela greskovits (supervisor, ceu)achim kemmerling (internal member, ceu)bernhard ebbinghaus (external member, professor of sociology, chair of macrosociology at the school of social sciences of the university of mannheim)dorothee bohle (chair, ceu).

relevance of micro social contexts for individual political engagement: a comparative analysis. the intent of these grants is to provide funding opportunities for research conducted by political scientists not employed at phd-granting departments in the field, or who are in non-tenure track or contingent positions ineligible for departmental funding. apsa small research grant program supports research in all fields of political science.: information, accountability, and political elite behavior (advisors: thad dunning (chair, uc berkeley), kate baldwin, chris blattman (university of chicago), ana de la o, steven wilkinson). political economy of innovation: technological nationalism, executive interference, and neo-populism in the r&d sector in turkey.  What is an appendix for dissertation- committee:Enyedi zsolt (supervisor, ceu - voting member)erin jenne (ceu - voting member)zsuzsa csergo (department of political studies queen's university canada)carsten schneider (chair ceu - non voting member). study the political economy of developing countries with a focus on political violence, electoral accountability, and african politics. research focuses on the relationship between german and american political thought. i have published my research in the quarterly journal of political science and electoral studies, and other work is currently under review. i reach these conclusions by means of new data that i generated, featuring a series of parallel survey experiments conducted with voters and politicians, in-depth interviews with political elites, and analysis of observational data on the incidence of violence and election outcomes. Sitemap