Doctoral dissertations in music theory

Doctoral dissertation in music

, lia, catholic university of são paulo, 1998: de musica: contribuições para a elaboração de uma nova teoria musical (de musica: contributions toward a new theory of music).: close-up of crespi's due sportelli di libreria (by courtesy of the museo internazionale e biblioteca della musica, bologna)., royal holloway, university of london, 2005: beyond jerusalem: music in the women’s institute, 1919-1969., sam, university of wales, bangor, 2006: evolution and retrospection in the chamber music of arthur bliss. dma dissertations are research projects of large scope, normally qualitative and descriptive in nature., alexander, technische universität berlin, 2008: software-based extraction of objective parameters from music performances., gene starr, university of wisconsin-madison, 1991: toward a theory of the music of girolamo frescobaldi developed through computer-assisted analysis of selected works., judith ann, university of california, berkeley, 1995: new music, notions of genre, and the “manuscrit du roi” circa 1300., lauriejean, university of north carolina at chapel hill, 1995: from poet’s voice to composer’s muse: text and music in webern’s jone settings. students in music education, music theory, musicology, and composition write a dissertation., eastman school of music, 1995: american dreams: analyzing moss hart, ira gershwin, and kurt weill’s lady in the dark., royal holloway, university of london, 2000: provision for music in the parish church in late-medieval london.: within the first year at eastman, students majoring in piano accompanying and chamber music are required to pass a one language comprehension examination in french, german, or italian., sandra, columbia university, 1991: textual and conceptual relationships among theoretical writings on measurable music during the thirteenth and early fourteenth centuries., university of rochester, 1999: the baroque church tones in theory and practice., edward nigel, royal holloway college, university of london, 1983: theory and practice: an interpretation of serialism in the music of luigi dallapiccola.

Doctoral dissertations in music theory

students in the performance and literature major are required to take four consecutive semesters of applied music instruction. society for music theory • university of chicago • department of music • 1010 east 59th street • chicago, il 60637., andrew charles, royal holloway, university of london, 1988: the pastorales, intermèdes, and incidental music of marc-antoine charpentier. dma degree is awarded for high attainments in the practice of music, with emphasis on the arts of performing and teaching.äisälä, olli, sibelius academy, helsinki, 2004: prolongation in early post-tonal music: analytical examples and theoretical principles. must be current members of the society for music theory who have achieved abd or equivalent doctoral candidate status, including approval of the dissertation proposal, by the application deadline.ín, miguel ángel, royal holloway, university of london, 1999: music and musicians in provincial towns: the case of eighteenth-century jaca (spain)., aaron, royal holloway, university of london, 1999: preparing for performance: an examination of musical practice as a function of expertise., luca, university of trento, italy, 2006: theory and analysis of harmony in adrian willaert’s canzone villanesche alla napolitana (1542-1545). the fellowship is awarded to a research project that promises to make a significant contribution to the field of music theory., university of salford, 2003: the impact of norwegian folk music on norwegian jazz, 1945-1995., stephen kenneth, university of oregon, 1992: the development of the electric guitar solo in rock music, 1954-1971., david, cardiff university, 2003: harmony, tonality and structure in vaughan williams’s music., sanna, university of pennsylvania, 1995: enlightened and romantic german music criticism, 1800-1850. languages: for the dma, proficiency in italian, german, or french (the equivalent of two years of undergraduate study) will be demonstrated by passing a written exam, which will consist of a passage from a contemporary theory treatise or from the secondary literature on the applied instrument., paul, university of kentucky, 1997: twentieth-century nigerian art music: social, political, and cultural factors involved in its evolution and practice.

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collaborative pianists must have the same technical skills as soloists, plus knowledge of languages, diction, sonata and duo repertory, vocal repertory, and chamber music., doris bosworth, university of north carolina at chapel hill, 1995: johann nikolaus forkel’s philosophy of music in the einleitung to volume one of his allgemeine geschichte der musik (1788): a translation and commentary with a glossary of eighteenth-century terms. theory: at least one theory course must be an analysis course., university of massachusetts amherst, 2001: justine ward and the genesis of the ward method of music education., ball state university, 1993: the history and development of algorithms in music composition, 1957-1993.-wilson, danijela, university of ulster, 2005: composing on screen: the musicality of film., elizabeth randell, university of north carolina at chapel hill, 2001: the chantilly codex (f-ch 564): the manuscript, its music, its scholarly reception. education courses including research methods, measurement and evaluation, curriculum, and the history and philosophy of music education. in composition and music education may be undertaken within the division of graduate professional studies (the dma as described here) or within the division of graduate research studies., university of kansas, 1998: chamber music for single instrument and piano by sir charles hubert hastings parry (1848-1918). theory: choose ten hours from topics in tonal literature and analysis; counterpoint; analysis of early music; and history of theory., university of san francisco, 1996: effects of listening for key components in jazz pieces: the first study of cone’s theory of ideal hearing., university of washington, 1994: tugging at the native’s heartstrings: nostalgia and the post-mao “revival” of the xian shi yue string ensemble music of chaozhou, south china., karl, university of birmingham, 2003: czech music culture in prague 1858-1865. thus the composition and music education majors contain a strong performance component in the dma degree program, and have a distinctly different emphasis in the phd degree program. typical minors might include music history, performance practice, choral conducting, or opera production. Phd dissertation university of california berkeley

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, mark alan, university of colorado at boulder, 2005: “music close to the soil and deeply felt”: the use of american hymn tunes in charles ives’s third symphony. dma degree is awarded for high attainments in the practice of music, with emphasis on the arts of performing and teaching., james, royal holloway, university of london, 2002: aspects of the ars rhetorica in the violin music of heinrich biber (1644-1704)., royal northern college of music, 1996: the final frontier: the development of polytempo in the music of conlon nancarrow., elisabeth, university of california, berkeley, 1997: “as my works show me to be”: physicality as compositional technique in the instrumental music of luigi boccherini., ilias, university of athens, 2011:  aspects of time in the music of the 20th century: on the problem of time and its theoretical presuppositions in new music with special emphasis on the music of the avant-garde of the 1950s and 1960s.és français sur la musique (tfm), initiated and directed by peter slemon (recently retired from the jacobs school of music), focuses on major treatises written in french from the middle age through the nineteenth century. and writing seminars: a total of 12 credits must be taken in musicology, music history, and/or theory courses, including doctoral seminars and/or a dissertation, at least three theory courses, and additional music electives., wolfgang, university of vienna, expected 2001: “miserere mei”: studien zur geschichte musikalischer subjektivität (“miserere mei: studies on the history of musical subjectivity). the comprehensive examinations consist of a written examination in the fields of music history, literature, and theory, and an oral examination of a broad nature covering the student’s major and minor fields of study., giovanni, princeton university, 2005: heinrich isaac, the mass “misericordias domini”, and music in late-fifteenth-century florence., matthew, ruprecht-karls-universität, heidelberg, 2007: handel and maurice greene’s circle at the apollo academy: the music and intellectual contexts of oratorios, odes and masques. current dissertation prospectus (3000–4000 words, plus references and working bibliography, musical examples, and figures)., susan nichols, university of north carolina at greensboro, 1999: the solo piano music of lukas foss., clive gilbert, royal holloway, university of london, 1981: english pantomime and its music, 1700-1730. digital dissertations (free access to the most recent two years of citations and abstracts in a dissertation abstracts database; searches of the entire database, comprising more than 1. What tense is a dissertation written in

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, melissa ursula dawn, louisiana state university, 2001: alban berg’s filmic music: intentions and extensions of the film music interlude in the opera lulu., esti, university of edinburgh, 1997: irony, parody, satire and the grotesque in the music of dmitri shostakovich., monash university, victoria, australia, expected 1997: ockeghem’s masses as a view of modal practice using the theory of tinctoris as a measure of comparison., ben, university of oxford (st cross college), in progress: the english music trade, c. music and improvisation: includes both jazz and/or classical applied study and independent study projects in improvisation or jazz composition., eleonora, università “la sapienza”, rome, 1998: the spectacle of sounds: lully’s and charpentier’s stage music for “le bourgeois gentilhomme” and “le malade imaginaire”.-real carvalho, maria de sao jose, columbia university, 1991: retention of musical models: fado performance among portuguese migrants in new york.-de amici, beth anne, university of pennsylvania, in progress (expected june 1999): “ad sustentacionem fidei christiani”: sacred music and ceremony in medieval oxford., university of southern california, 1996: the choral music of hugo wolf: a discussion of the musical and textual relationships with performance editions for male chorus. emphasis is on practical applied music in varying degrees in each of the dma majors, and constitutes a distinctive feature of the division., elaine claire, royal holloway, university of london, 2000: analysing the ensemble in music rehearsal and performance: the nature and effects of interaction in cello-piano duos., amanda, bristol university, 2008: the role of music in twenty-first-century anglican monasticism., frank michael carlos, rio de janeiro, universidade federal do rio de janeiro (ufrj), 2004: antonio carlos jobim, a sinfonia do rio de janeiro e a bossa nova: caminho para a construção de uma nova linguagem musical [antonio carlos jobim, the symphony of rio de janeiro and the bossa nova: the path to the construction of a new musical language]. yearly award, made possible by the smt-40 campaign, is intended to recognize and foster excellent research in music theory by helping highly qualified ph. admitted, students are required to take placement tests specific to this major, in addition to the regular music history and music theory placement tests. of musical arts with a major in piano accompanying & chamber music. Dissertation uni halle

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, robert michael, monash university, melbourne, australia, 2003: fragments of ars antiqua music at stary sacz and the evolution of the clarist order in central europe in the thirteenth century., george, national and kapodistrian university of athens, 2005: the conception of greek antiquity in early 20th-century french music, 1900-1918. (including free access to all french theses on music since 1972; abstracts are available).: topics in tonal literature & analysis; topics in twentieth-centuryliterature & analysis; and one additional graduate-level theory course. peter burkholder, is an ongoing project whose ultimate aim is to create a comprehensive, indexed, and annotated bibliography of material relating to the compositional use of existing music within the tradition of western music.: if the doctoral essay does not involve music history, then nine credit hours of mhs coursework are required., george kay, the university of texas at austin, 1989: north italian sacred ensemble music of the first third of the seventeenth century calling for participation by one or more trombones: an annotated anthology with historical introduction and commentary. musicali italiani (smi), initiated and directed by andreas giger (louisiana state university), focuses on major treatises written in italian, with the goal of eventually comprising all printed material on music theory and aesthetics from the renaissance to the present. music: the dma degree program emphasizes the study of applied music. sixth international research and practical conference for undergraduate, graduate and postgraduate students “ethnomusicology: history, theory and practice”.-lubovsky, bella, hebrew university of jerusalem, 2001: vivaldi’s harmony: practice and theory. asia and its diaspora: musical performances in the cultures of decolonization., university of cape town, 1997: lulu, child of wozzeck and marie: towards an understanding of alban berg, “master of the smallest link”, through his vocal and dramatic music. in clearly written prose, the prospectus should describe the motivation for the dissertation (supported by, but not limited to, an assessment of relevant secondary literature), present its research question, outline the research methods, explain the significance of the project to the field of music theory, and describe its progress to date. these tests are given in jazz theory, jazz history, and functional jazz piano. mailing lists click here to subscribe to the musicology-all mailing list to receive conference announcements and other emails of interest to musicologists. University of iowa dissertation defense calendar

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33rd european seminar in ethnomusicology (esem) – ethnomusicology in the 21st century., royston robert, university of melbourne, 1998: hans ott, hieronymus formschneider, and the novum et insigne opus musicum (nuremberg, 1537-1538). in terms of applying, the doctor of musical arts program requires an audition on an applied instrument or voice; the doctor of philosophy program does not require an audition for admission.ández mateos, alberto, university of salamanca, 2012: el pensamiento musical de antonio eximeno (antonio eximeno’s musical thought).Špirić-beard, danijela, cardiff university, 2012: border – bridge – crossroads: the construction of yugoslav identity in music (1835–1938) and the case of josip štolcer slavenski. the abstracts relate both to completed dissertations and to those in progress.: majors will declare an emphasis in the literature and performance of instrumental, wind ensemble, or choral music, and will concentrate on that specialization. this is a wide field, embracing borrowing, transcription, variations, quotation, cantus firmus technique, paraphrase, imitation/parody, modeling, allusion, and other ways to rework existing music, from troping and organum to collage and electronic manipulation., university of wisconsin-madison, expected 1997: “sing and you’ll be good”: music at hull-house and other social settlement houses. electives may include up to six credit hours of applied music lessons and may also include a minor area of concentration., alexander, columbia university, 1995: mensuration and tempo in 15th-century music: cut signatures in theory and practice./minor field: in consultation with the advisor, 10-15 credit hours in areas other than composition and applied music., james, university of north texas, 1992: ode to the ninth: the poetic and musical tradition behind the finale of beethoven’s choral symphony. luke, city university, 1995: a perceptual approach to the description and analysis of acousmatic music., matthew, royal holloway, university of london, 2000: attentive listening: the concept of aufmerksamkeit and its significance in german musical thought, 1770-1790., eleanor jane, university of london, king’s college, 2004: a study of public and private spheres in the musical culture of sixteenth-century leipzig.

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, university of texas at austin, 1994: the programmatic orchestral works of leos janacek: their style and their musical and extramusical content., paul gregory, university of california, los angeles, 1997: the interpretation of chaos: a critical analysis of meaning in european avant-garde vocal music, 1958-68. study: majors must enroll for applied music study for a minimum of four consecutive semesters; students must be registered for one-hour lessons during the semester(s) in which they are preparing and/or performing a degree recital or lecture recital. of musical arts with a major in jazz studies & contemporary media. abstracts for ethnomusicological dissertations are sought both here and by ethnomusicology online: see details at the foot of this page, also for other sources of information on the web about dissertations and abstracts. current resources include the following:thesaurus musicarum latinarum (tml), our oldest resource, is an evolving full-text searchable database of latin music theory from the late antiquity to the renaissance.: public demonstrations of proficiency in the field of applied music are required of all candidates for the dma degree., royal holloway, university of london, 2002: from olomouc to london: the early music of gottfried finger (c 1655-1730)., nils-göran, university of jyväskylä, 1994: aesthetic criteria for musical interpretation: a study of the contemporary performance of western notated instrumental music after 1750. phd and dme students (music education, music theory, and musicology)., maria anna, mcgill university, montréal, 1994: space and spatialization in contemporary music: history and analysis, ideas and implementations., howard, royal holloway, university of london, 1995: towards a new theory of voice-leading structure in sixteenth-century polyphony. and writing seminars: in musicology, music history, and/or theory., gurminder kaur, university of chicago, 2004: arabesque and metric dissonance in the music of maurice ravel (1905-1914)., university of leeds, 2002: extra-musical influences and musical style in the works of denis apivor., jonelle, royal holloway, university of london, in progress: the interaction of words and music in the shakespeare settings of peter warlock (philip heseltine): writer/composer; score/performance.

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, ingrid elizabeth, university of sheffield, 2001: clarinet embouchure in theory and practice: the forgotten art of reed-above., bruno, royal college of music, in progress (projected finish 2015): the crystal palace saturday concerts, 1856-1878: a case study of nineteenth-century analytical programme notes., yosef, the hebrew university of jerusalem, 2001: prolongation of seventh chords in tonal music. (dissertationsmeldestelle der gesellschaft für musikforschung (musicology dissertations submitted in austria, switzerland and the german federal republic, with occasional entries from other european countries, and including doctoral dissertations in music education since 1998). field: in consultation with their program advisers, majors in piano accompanying and chamber music develop a minor field in an area such as pedagogy, baroque performance practice, opera coaching, or interdisciplinary studies in the humanities., cardiff university of wales, 2005: “akcja” and narrativity in the music of witold lutoslawski. dissertations in music theory (society for music theory, with abstracts)., nigel richard, university of surrey, 1997: passion composition and composers of passion music associated with the court of anhalt-zerbst. courses: majors must enroll in three doctoral seminars in music history and an additional 10 to 12 credits in music history and theory., silvia, university of southern california, 1996: strophic discourse and stefano landi’s la morte d’orfeo: syntax in music and poetry during the cinquecento and seicento. chmtl also created, and until recently hosted, the online version of the american musicological society’s database of doctoral dissertations in musicology. individual programs may vary considerably, depending upon the needs of the student (as revealed in the placement tests in theory and music history), general educational background, and career goals., ido, university of tel aviv, 2000: studies of rhythm and tempo in the music of j., stefan, royal holloway, university of london, in progress: the art of good practice: analysis of effective rehearsal and its role in individual musical development., channan, city university of new york, 2005: durational pacing in händel’s instrumental works: the nature of temporality in the music of the high baroque., stephen, university of cambridge, 2002: music, print and authority in leipzig during the thirty years’ war.

Doctoral Dissertations in Musicology

 texts on music in english (tme), initiated and directed by peter m. history and theory: two doctoral theory courses and four graduate music history courses, three of which must be doctoral seminars., håvard, music reading poetry – hans zender’s musical reception of hölderlin., judith ann, washington university – st louis, 1999: redefining melodrama: the czech response to music and word.-real, maria de sao jose, columbia university, 2001: cultural policy and musical expression in lisbon in the transition from dictatorship to democracy (1960s-1980s)., danielle, university of music and performing arts graz, 2016: making sex sound: erotic current in electronic music., keri john, royal holloway, university of london, 2000: the provision of choral music at st george’s chapel, windsor castle, and eton college, c. all eastman school dma graduates should possess a broad knowledge of repertoire, of historical contexts for music extending from the middle ages to the present, and of appropriate analytical techniques for different repertories. examinations: before completing the degree, all students in the dma program must pass the comprehensive examinations, and must satisfy their various major departments and the gpc that they have attained broad competency as practitioners of music., robert wallace, university of california, berkeley, 1994: arrows of desire: long-range linear structure and the transformation of musical energy., john curtis, university of london, university college, forthcoming (expected 2002): terpander: the invention of music in the orientalizing period. has maintained a home on the web for several digital projects offering access to digitized editions of texts on music theory and aesthetics, and to bibliographic databases. fonseca, maria, universidad de oviedo, 1998: educación, pensamiento y teoría de la musica en la espanha del siglo xvii (education, thought and musical theory in 17th-century spain)., yavor, state academy of music “pancho vladigerov”, sofia, 1997: the first harpsichord treatise “les principes du clavecin” by saint lambert (paris, 1702). comprehensive exam: dma students in the early music program will take the current dma written and oral comprehensive examinations. note also that if you are about to complete an ethnomusicology dissertation, or if you are an advisor supervising one, ethnomusicology online publishes enhanced dissertation abstracts, which can be expanded or re-written to incorporate selected details from the dissertation, including colour pictures, maps, diagrams, audio, video, animations, or other multimedia; see mercedes dujunco’s dissertation in the list above, and contact the editor of eol, karl signell, if you are interested. Sitemap