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Doctoral dissertation education

education in china: a multiple-case study of social stratification and social change..An examination and analysis of middle school transition plans: a study of local education agencies and middle schools in north carolina allenad2011disstitlepageandabstract. mismatches among university graduates in post-soviet tajikstan: challenges for higher education and the labour market..Integrative learning within tutoring in higher education: contexts for connections duke_c_j_diss_title_page_and_abstract. College of Education Dissertations Science and Mathematics Education DissertationsNyu steinhardt school of culture, education, and human development..Parental perspectives and decision-making processes about school choice and supplemental educational services under no child left behind in a large urban elementary school fonsecad2010disstitlepageandabstract. and religion in croatian elementary education: pupils' attitudes and perspectives.

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Doctoral dissertation in educational leadership

.Exploration of 21st century skills development among educators and students engaged in online collaborative educational and cultural exchange program: a case study of us-pakistan online international exchange program bashir_arshad_dissertation_may_2013. of the global university: participant experience and study abroad in midwestern public higher education from the cold war to the present..Organizational change: a case study of one school's approach to merge general education and special education. parents' choice and the failure of state-run education in pakistan. educational policy responses to children's work: views and approaches in the cambodian education sector. a national system for evaluating higher education in saudi arabia: lessons from england and the netherlands. the circle: an arts-based inquiry into creating spaces for emergent, interdisciplinary collaboration in higher education cornell_marisa_dissertation.

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Doctoral dissertation in education

leadership within education for a new era reform in qatar: four portraits..The relationships of selected curriculum program areas on credential attainment of african american males enrolled in the north carolina community college system wilson_van_dissertation_copy_submitted_to_grad_school_for_final_nov_27th2012.-outs, shut-outs, and hold-outs: educational aspirations, abstract attitudes and experiences of latino immigrant second chance learners in new york city. informal education in democracy of japanese women through broadcasting during the occupation 1945-1952. re-examined: a capability approach to widening participation in higher education..The mountain pathways school a history of the first years: founding an educational alternative in the north carolina mountains kirbyec. for international understanding: british secondary schools, educational travel and cultural exchange, 1919-1939. How to write a dissertation psychology 

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is a list of phd theses completed in the recent past at the faculty of education. apology: public education as redress for japanese american and japanese canadian confinement. pathway of the heart:a study of the education of the emotions in pre-school settings in cyprus., change and reconstruction in the context of educational reform and innovation in china: towards an integrated framework centred on reflective teaching practice for efl teachers' professional development..The beliefs of k-12 public school principals about disabilities and how those beliefs inform their leadership of students with disabilities fisher_stephen_dissertation_may_2012_0. in education settings during early and middle childhood and children's cognitive and self-regulation development: mediators and moderators., education and the working class: genealogies of resistance in socialist sunday schools and black saturday schools.

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absence and the educational outcomes of year 11 pupils in mainstream schools in england. on the links to view the title page and abstract for each dissertation. maton the field of higher education: a sociology of reproduction, transformation, change and the conditions of emergence for cultural studies. development of number processing skills in years 1,2 and 3: relationships between education and cognitive neuroscience measures and academic performance..An investigation of the experiences of minority males participating in the north carolina community college system minority male mentoring programs jsmith_dissertation_may_7_graduate_school_revised_2ed_revision_real_deal. of success for community college developmental mathematics student in online, hybrid, and traditional courses hendricks_george_dissertation_4-12. from the shadows: toward a work typology of presidential assistants in higher education.


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.Empowered black teen mothers overcoming barriers to educational attainment stephensme. philanthropy, organizational legitimacy, and the development of higher education in africa: the partnership for higher education in africa (2000-2010)., absence, silence: exploring english-in-education policy in bangladesh from a critical policy sociology perspective. critical examination of the aims of political education as a constituent part of citizenship education: with particular reference to the contemporary policies of england and japan. theory to application: a study of knowledge transfer in dental education. human beings to navigate life's complicated course: a case study of young men in need of alternative education. versus tacit knowledge in early science education: the case of primary school children's understanding of object speed and acceleration.

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-methods study of higher education access in georgia: does location matter? school of culture, education, and human development - 82 washington square east, new york, ny 10003. each dissertation is available for check out at the asu library..Associate degree nursing students: a study of retention in nursing education programs douglaswt. excellent': an historical approach to problems of state sponsored english education in japan. the lens: nonresidential college students' educational experiences at an urban institution. graduate school of education will confer 20 doctoral degrees this spring.

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Fulbright-Hays--Doctoral Dissertation Research Abroad

state actors, state violence, and human rights education in india. as negotiation in communities of practice: an ethnographic study of teachers' learning in the workplace in a university department of english education in china. dissertations can be viewed at nc docks for dissertations published 2010 and after..Understanding the educational experiences of graduate counseling students engaged in therapeutic expressive arts-based activities guelzow_d_j_2012_diss_title_page_and_abstract. phenomenological approach to understanding students' psychological adjustment and integration into the social and academic systems of higher education. in the education pipeline: a study of transfer students to the nyu steinhardt school of culture, education, and human development..A twice told tale of time: dis/ability, identity, and educational response/ability swannlb.

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technology in cypriot primary music education: examining change in teacher thinking and practice. experience of staging nijinsky's l'apres-midi d'un faune in a higher education dance program..“visitor to all, native to none”: how digital-native teacher education students use bricolage and multiple modalities to construct knowledge presnell_d_l_2012_diss_title_page_and_abstract. towards interculturalism: a trajectory study of cypriot multicultural educational policy in the context of the european union. from schooling to higher education and careers: a case study of students from two academically elite schools in contemporary china..Teachers' perceptions of professional learning communities as opportunities for promoting professional growth morrow_julie_dissertation_5-08-10. relations, sexuality and hiv/aids education: a study of ghanaian youth cultures.

Master thesis as reference, (a)bridging different worlds: constructing understandings of diversity in preservice teacher education. development: a sociological study of languages in education in pakistan. improving the teaching of english writing in higher education in taiwan. power and public education reform: the experience of participation in grassroots organizing..The impact of student cohort groups on the sustainability of a doctoral program in educational leadership in a medium sized university in the south wrayjae..The creation, communication and implementation of an organizational vision: principals' perspective in a rural education setting johnsonjp. investigation of the perceived impacts of the programme of creativity and imagining the futures in education (pcife). Buy a dissertation - kfourythe perceptions of middle school principals regarding their role in addressing non-suicidal self-injury (nssi) among adolescent females ages 10 to 14 years old (educational leadership)dr..Teachers' beliefs about the inclusion of students with special needs in general education classes wilsonlp. and metalinguistic development in context: a comparative analysis of metalinguistic mediation in the learning of german as a foreign language by pupils following a dutch-english bilingual education programme and pupils following a regular programme in the netherlands.' education in colonial hong kong (1841-1941): gender, politics and experience.."now that the doors are open" an inquiry into the full inclusion of a student with spinal muscular atrophy in a public middle school general education program pritchardca. are the issues which emerge from the siting of global education (ge) within a cross-curriculum dimension? the role of distance learners' emotional intelligence: an investigation of distance learners undertaking the jue 301 english course at the school of distance education, universiti sains, malaysia..

stephen gouldjanet lyonsthe role of the elementary school principal in promoting reflective practice (educational leadership)dr. education, science-talk and dialogic pedagogy: developing 14- to 16-year olds' school science concept of genetics and inheritance, in the context of human health and disease. progenitors of higher education at harvard: puritan origins of north america's first university. critical ethnographic examination of new jersey's education policy landscape and its influence on foreign language elementary school teacher practice. retention and high stakes testing closes the door to educational opportunity for immigrant youth: a case study of dominican students..Ordered chaos: the implications of childrearing in the underrepresentation of women in educational leadership positions wrighta. impact of poverty on the lives and education of young carers in india.

john ciesluklinda pratt marescaunderstanding principals' use of emotional intelligence to influence their school communities (educational leadership)dr. equality in education: a case study of india's responses to international agendas..Perceptions of displaced manufacturing workers about their transition to successful re-employment through a community college education experience: six stories of success kimsepich. library development in africa: benefits, challenges and sustainability cramer_dissertation. flowersdevelopment in the gap: a case study of the emerging adult in structured gap programs (educational leadership)dr.'my dad studied here too': social inequalities and educational (dis)advantage in a croatian higher education setting. the doors of learning: user fees, school finance and education demand in the new south africa.  Dissertation oral defense- .Development of worldview of education by four indian women teachers who have attained graduate degrees in education from american universities peacockws. education: exploring opportunities for change and resistance to hegemony in three autonomous new york city schools. from the community: linguistic and educational adaptations of adolescent and adult haitian immigrants. along with peers in mainstream primary schools: an exploration of the social status of pupils identified as having special educational needs in cyprus. study of parental involvement in children's higher education choice in china: habitus, cultural, social and economic capital and educational inequality. and resistance: the study of gender education policy in taiwan. education and the transformation of cultural capital: rural students in an elite chinese university. Sitemap