Dissertations on knowledge management

Dissertation on waste management

, profits and exchange rates computations of automorphic functions on fuchsian groupsconservation through management : cut wood as substrate for saproxylic organismsfrom genetic concepts to practice – lithogeochemical identification of ni-cu mineralised intrusions and localisation of the oremental health problems among the swedish reindeer-herding sami population : in perspective of intersectionality, organisational culture and acculturationaerodynamic and aeroacoustic analysis of a multi-element airfoil using hybrid rans/les modeling approaches molecular etiology of graves’ disease and associated ophthalmopathy cervical cancer prevention studies on outcome of cervical screening and on management of abnormal cytology findings popular complementary terms: essays, phd thesis, master thesis, papers, importance, trend, impact, advantages, disadvantages, role of, example, case study.

Dissertations on management

: teknik och teknologier; engineering and technology; industriell ekonomi; construction technology; anläggningsteknik; quality management; project management; knowledge management; construction sector; commercial and industrial economics;.

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Dissertations on knowledge management

investigate how the knowledge in knowledge technology applications for knowledge management can be represented to let the user directly manage the knowledge content of the applications.

MSc Knowledge Management Dissertation

Dissertation knowledge management

dissertation from division of construction management, lund institute of technology.

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Dissertation change management

: naturvetenskap; natural sciences; informatics; computer and systems science; constraints; simulation; model-based diagnosis; knowledge management; knowledge technology; informatik; data- och systemvetenskap; social sciences statistics; computer and systems science informatics; computer and systems science; samhällsvetenskap statistik; data- och systemvetenskap informatik; data- och systemvetenskap; computer systems; datorteknik;.

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their quest to secure their level of competitiveness, organizations have turned their attention to a specific type of information technology (it) solution referred to as knowledge management systems (kms).

An evaluation of knowledge management practices in nonprofit

: samhällsvetenskap; social sciences; standardization; knowledge formation; knowledge transfer; project management; knowledge management; social sciences business and economics business studies; samhällsvetenskap ekonomi företagsekonomi; företagsekonomi; business administration;.

Dissertation Prospectus: Organizational Knowledge Management

. in search of known unknowns : an empirical investigation of the peripety of a knowledge management system.

Antecedents and Impacts of Knowledge Management Practices

Exploring Knowledge Management Practices in Service-Based

: samhällsvetenskap; social sciences; knowledge management systems; knowledge management endeavours; knowledge management; knowledge; knowledge creation; information technology; automating; informating; social sciences business and economics business studies; samhällsvetenskap ekonomi företagsekonomi;.

the critique involved describes finished buildings as having flaws and there being a lack of interest within the construction sector in assembling knowledge and sharing experience.

. lessons learned in knowledge managment - the case of construction.

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