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Disclaimer Notice
Dear Site Visitor
Because Apartments Direct offers an advertisement service to private individuals and companies who want to rent or sell their property, we would like to draw your attention to a number of important points that we would like to make you aware of in this disclaimer.
1: All properties advertised on our web site are advertised by private property owners or companies acting on behalf of the property owner and not Apartments Direct.
2: Apartments Direct do not guarantee the accuracy of any information contained on an advertisers property web page, including but not limited to, descriptions and photographs, nor are we responsible or liable, whatsoever, for any of the said property information.
3: All property information, including but not limited to, descriptions and photographs, are supplied and entered into each property web page by the individual advertisers and that responsibility for the said property information lies solely with the individual advertiser of the property and not Apartments Direct.
4: The accuracy of the information on web site is the sole responsibility of each individual advertiser of the property. Apartments Direct does not assume any responsibility for the accuracy of this information.
5: Any contractual arrangement you enter into with any advertiser on the Apartments Direct web site is strictly between you and the individual property advertiser and not with Apartments Direct nor is Apartments Direct responsible for the said contractual arrangement.
6: Apartments Direct and strongly advises all site visitors to act with caution when considering renting or buying a property from an advertiser and to seek legal advise before entering into any contractual agreement or paying over any money.
7: Apartments Direct would like to draw your attention the fact that each advertiser will have their own unique terms and conditions and we strongly advise you to thoroughly read the unique terms and conditions of the individual advertiser before you sign or enter into any contractual agreement.