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If you wish to contact us, please complete the form below and we will reply within a matter of hours during normal working hours. However, before you submit this form, please read the following.

Enquiring About Renting or Buying a Property Listed On Our Site:
If you are contacting us regarding renting or buying a property advertised on our site, please contact the advertiser of the property. Your will find the advertiser’s contact details and their enquiry form listed at the bottom of the their property page. do not handle rental/sales enquires for any property listed on our site.

Link & Link Exchange Requests:
If you are contacting us regarding having a one link on our site or exchanging links with us, please note we only exchange links with our advertisers so if you have a live property listing with us, we are happy to exchange reciprocal links with you. You can submit a reciprocal link exchange request from inside your advertisers account.

If you want a one-way link from our site, the only way you can do this is by purchasing a banner ad from us. However, to purchase a banner ad, you need to have an advertisers account.

If you do not have a live property listing with us, we will not exchange a link with you so please do not submit any kind of link exchange request to us. If you ignore this notice and continue to send us a link exchange request, we will not reply to your request and we will report you to all relevant authorities.

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